Which one would be better for gaming and listening to music?

Hello, so I’ve been looking at headphones for the whole last month, and I’ve shrunk it down to:
JBL Quantum One
Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO
Which one of these would be the superior for gaming and listening to music?
Thanks for any replies.

Hi welcome aboard :smiley:
Two major questions

  1. What kind of music do you listen to?
  2. Why these two specifically? not bashing or anything just wondering, its big world out there with a lot of headphone so im wondering if there a particular feature you are looking
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Right, so first the JBL Quantum Ones, because they seem like a good headset. Have a somewhat good sound profile and I’ve actually tried them in a store. They are very comfortable aswell.
Then the BeyerDynamics because they are simply what people usually recommend with studio headphones that are used for gaming. I went with them because these can probably last me decades, or at least way longer than the JBL’s.

The music I listen to is really not a specific genre, I listen to basically everything, pop rock, heavy metal, classical, electronic. You can name it.

I’ve also head that open back headphones are usually the go for gaming, because of their amazing soundstage, but I’m really not looking into waking my house up at night, and also lose bass.

Ok so first off before i go on a rant, most important thing buy what ever YOU like, if you tried a pair of headphone and you like them, its your call i would just suggest going around the forum reading up a little bit more.

  1. open back headphone do leak but unless there is someone in the room or you are listening at an unhealthy volume you should be just fine. They have normally have much better soundstage and imagining the close back so they are better for gaming in most cases.

  2. While closed back have more impact in their bass in most cases - open back tend to have “cleaner” sound meaning the bass doesnt overpower everything else (also there certain open backs with even more impact than closed back but those are outliers )

  3. im not a fan of JBL headphones, they make great speakers but when it come to headphones i personally think there are much better options out there for the price

  4. Two great sets of headphone which is around the same budget (im assuming 150-200 since you listen the 770 Pro) is the Tygr 300R or the Sennheiser PC38X are solid headphone both for music and for gaming (the PC38X has the added benefit of a mic) - personally i like the Tygr more

One last note, dont fall too deep into the rabbit hole some headphone do need amps and dacs which why i limited my recommendations - Both the PC38X and Tygr 300R can run off any PC or console (and if you end up getting the 770 Pro justt make sure you take the 80Ohm version)


Yeah, so after looking at your recommendations, the BeyerDynamic Tygr 300R are as flat as one can get them. I’ve never actually had a pair of fair sounding headphones since bass is all I know, and I’ve never had any experience with open backs, so I just assumed it’s like 2 subwoofers on your ears.
I will definitely look into the Tygers. Since Sennheisers aren’t really appealing on the looks for me.

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I have the TYGR and they are one of my easiest recommendations for <$200 headphones for general use, gaming, and listening to music. They do not have the fatigue-inducing treble peak of the DT770 but they still have fantastic imaging. Outside of imaging, they don’t do anything spectacularly, but they also don’t do anything poorly. They’re light and comfortable for long sessions. They’re semi-open but the sound leak is minimal and shouldn’t bother anyone else.

Edit: I’ll add that the bass is good won’t blow you away, but they are very receptive to pad swapping - if you want more bass Dekoni has a line of several Beyer-specific pads that can improve bass like the Elite Hybrids.

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Thanks for the reply, I will for sure think about the DT770 PRO’s and TYGRS, but right now my money is on the TYGRS, everyone says they have amazing sound, imaging and alright bass. Although the bass part is what I’m questioning right now. Since I’ve always had a pair of pretty bassy headphones, I got very used to it.
I still think the TYGRS are worth the money and I think they’ll suit me well for years to come.