Which Tubes should i get

Hi, first time planning to get tube amps, really like to have one. Like to go for beginners level or all the way mid level. This are the amps I am looking for

*Xduoo mt- 602 or 604( I know 604 is balanced and I don’t have any headphones in balace mode but maybe in future)


*xDuoo TA-01

*xDuoo TA-10


What exactly do you want now?
I can’t understand your question somehow.
It would be nice if you could tell us what you want. :hugs:

What headphones are you using on the projected tube amp?
Tell us more about your whole picture.

Worth noting that two of these devices have DACs in them - do you need that?

Also, is using the device as a preamp helpful/needed?

I have zen dac + can.
Akg 712, dt 770 80 ohms, fostex t50rp
These are what I have.
What I am looking for I can’t really say, this is the first time I am intersted in tube so I don’t know what to expect I have seen many z reviews doing tube amps so from there I got this xduoo 602, 604. Fitting to my budget
Top of my head warm fun wide sounding
Is what I would like

Okay, you’re right to look at hybrid tube amps, as your headphones are relatively low impedance and in this budget range, you’re not going to get OTL that will play well with them. That seems to be mostly what you’re looking at, so all good.

I personally don’t advocate for budget dac/amp all-in-one tube units, though I’m sure people are enjoying them.
The MT-604 has its quirks, both it and the Loxjie P20 have no preouts. The MT-604 is balanced-only on its inputs, and you’ll need to convert from 4.4 to XLR I believe from your dac (or amp). That is doable. Obviously it has the separate left/right volumes and is balanced-only XLR on output, which presents challenge with your current roster.

MT-602, pretty good unit, pretty affordable, it’s single-ended architechture that should jive with your current cans well. Decent power, should be close to the single-ended output of your ZenCan. All for around $100, it’s a win. Schiit Vali 2+ also worth a look if reasonably available to you.

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Wow thanks for the details

U look like u have experience between tubes and solid sates world’s
Let me ask u one think
I have money to spend but not to waste
I like warm and fun
What do u think about singxer SA-1 or any amp that is coloured with warm and fun
I am curious about tubes but I think I can get a cheap like my 602 later too
I know I am completely changing the Q here
Just wanted something thats worth buying

I think the schiit Asgard 3 would be good for you, as a slight warn signature and would pair pretty well with the headphones you have.

To me you don’t have big power requirements (besides T50RP, which you don’t seem to be seeking power upgrade for specifically for this) and have an amplification path that most would consider “fun” slanted.

I just wonder if different headphones might provide more sound profile that you’re seeking.

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I am also thinking the same and I was considering
ur opinion and now I am looking at
Neumann NDH- 20
Harmonicdyme ZEUs
Beyerdynamic MMX 300
Beyerdynamic TYGR 300r
Dan Clark audio aeon 2 noires (this is maybe)

apologies for throwing everything at u
so as i have already mentioned what i have, which do u think will be a completely different experience

Based on what you have and what you’ve mentioned wanting, I thought maybe the Zeus seemed like it would be a good fit.

They cost $30 and aren’t an “end game”, but have you ever tried the Koss KPH30i?

Thanks for responding
I have heard of koss from z reviews
I will check it out, I am intersted in NDH 20