Which USB charger should I purchase for these devices?

These are the units:

Douk Audio U3
Creative G6
Sabaj PHA2

Which USB charger brand should I purchase for these ? Amazonbasics, Anker, Samsung or Ugreen ?

I already have a Samsung and a LG charger, Should I purchase additional ones ? Do I get any benefits by purchasing better chargers than I already have ?

Does it matter if I use a very cheap charger bought from a dollar store ?

Will there be a significant improvement in sound quality if I buy more expensive chargers ?

very cheap might have problems, I personally didn’t notice a difference between a reasonable one and a $100 “audiophile” one
Ugreen and Anker have been really good in my experience

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I have an OEM Samsung 5V-2A and two OEM LG 5V-1.8A USB chargers…Would you say that these have enough power quality ?

if they are somewhat new and support the power you need should be fine, I was using one that came with my old phone (2013ish?) for a while to power a Douk U2 pro and a Toslink splitter without issue

The Samsung one was for a S9 phone…The LGs I don’t remember but they should be post 2011 ?

If the chargers have low power quality, what are some of the signs or audible signs that I should look for ?

more background noise/ less volume at the same level would be the most likely issues