Which would you prefer?

  • Heatshrink
  • Hardware Spliter

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I apologize about the poor image quality, I was just short on time. Either way, I’d love to know which you would prefer and why? If you could save a bit, would you go for the heat shrink? If you could, I’d appreciate an explanation as to your choice.

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heatshrink would wear out, so actual splitter for me.

I like the heat shrink because it would not catch on a table and it would add less weight

If I had to choose heatshrink

I ordered my custom balanced braided(black/dark grey/petrol🤩) Focal Elegia cable without splitter- because of the weight and so it won’t catch between me and the table

  • could be another idea for you?

Ok I know- we are used to any kind of splitters, because it looks cooler.
Sometimes you need one- depends on design