White Powered Speakers (recc)

I’m looking for good white powered speakers under $200 dollars. Would prefer simple non-dac non-blue-tooth speakers. an RCA input option is desirable. :]

Edit: Looking for near/far average field sound, and generally a smooth sound that makes the music sound better than it is.

2nd Edit: found the Kanto YU4’s, and while other suggestions are better bang for buck, these match the look of the setup I’m building for my sister perfectly (supposed to match computer stuff, will post parts list if anyone is interested) Amazon.com: Kanto YU4 Powered Speakers with Bluetooth and Phono Preamp - (Pair) Matte White: Home Audio & Theater planning on using cable splitting to do what I need to do, split 1x 3.5 to 2x 3.5, one RCA cable to sub and another to speakers with 100hz high-pass passive RCA crossover modules.

Full sound setup for her;
Shelby’s Sound Setup - PCPartPicker

Edit 3: I am aware that my solution is pretty stupid compared to my original question, surprisingly it equaled out to damn near the price of what I originally had planned so I’m just going to send it. :]

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I mean what sound are you after? You might be able to snag a pair of jbl 305p mk2 white or iloud micro monitors white for around 200 ish when on sale. Kali LP6 as well if you find a deal (I think those come in white)

Nearfield or??

Near/far Average

generally a smooth sound that makes the music sound better than it is

Location? States? or EU?

USA! USA! USA! -posted by USA gang

Edit: Fucking died reading what I said

Hmmm well then ignore any of the options I mentioned lol

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Jamo S 801s I guess.

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I would second what Mon says with the 305p or maybe the Kali LP6…I have the Kali LP6 in white… I enjoy them but some say the slight hiss in very nearfield is bad… must be beyond what I am hearing… Old age!!

Guitar center has the 305p in white for 299.99 a pair

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that exact deal was in my mind for a while actually

They also sell the LP6 if you wanted to look at that

I think I figured something out @orig-post

I think I may have figured something out @orig-post

I think I might have figured something out @orig-post