Who are your favorite female vocalists

I love listening to female vocalists when I just wanna chill. I only really listen to Regina spektor, NIKI, and Kali Uchis and wanna expand that part of my library more who are your favorite female vocalists?

Regina spektor some examples of her stuff:

NIKI here are some examples of her stuff:

Kali Uchis some examples of her stuff:


Thanks for the new music! Super good! And I feel you there is something relaxing about female vocals. Let me also recommend some. Omg I’m sorry in case you don’t listen to foreign music because the lyrics are important to you but after looking at my music I don’t have any English female vocalist music! So I’ll leave the foreign ones sorry!

Sorry that I don’t have anything in English! But if you just care for the tone of the voice and the music style I highly recommend all of these songs and the artists behind them. I REALLY REALLY loved the first song in ur list! Thanks alot!


Some of my favourites include:

Nina Simone
Ella Fitzgerald
Norah Jones
Natalie Imbruglia
Shirley Manson
Eva Cassidy
k.d. lang
Kylie Minogue
Emily Haines
Leigh Nash
Sarah Harmer
Sarah McLachlan
Dolores O’Riordan
The Ditty Bops
Vanessa Carlton
Chantal Kreviazuk
Carly Simon


Floor, Amy and Tatiana


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Some great selections on here!

Here is a few from me.


The tash Sultana cover sounds smooth but man I’m not digging the voice. Not trying to be a hater, but it’s just hard to even understand what she’s saying. It’s nice to see that she’s having fun in there tho. Seems like a creative person

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You’re not wrong and its kind of her thing. I just love the way she sounds! Kind of relate it to most of the extreme metal i listen too, damned if i can tell what they are saying but it sounds dope with the music!!

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BTW I just noticed that my auto correct put Tash as Trash! I’ll fix that! And I feel you, there are definitely times where I don’t mind weird pronunciation or lazy singing as long as I dig the song. I think this one just kinda affected me more since I love the original.

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Gold. <3


Agreed, if anyone reading this hasn’t listened to Portishead…do so now.


that voice is angelic damn

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Gotta give a shout out to Suzanne Vega

Also, how do you embed videos?
EDIT: face palms… I assumed I needed to use the Youtube generated embed links


just post the link and dont touch it make sure its not part of a sentence or anything and it will embed itself.

Older Susanne V. is def matured like a fine wine… very nice…

Barb needs a slight plug… perhaps not all her work, but she deserves a mention.

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Imogen Heap is really good I think.



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These are all great a. I love Regina Spektor! Also, Jazz greats Nina, Ella, and Billie.

Can’t forget Roberta Flack.

Here are a couple contemporary ones that haven’t been mentioned yet.

Neko Case

Joanna Newsom

And Amy Winehouse

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ROSALIA is my go to.

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