Who are your favorite female vocalists

Lianne La Havas

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This would’ve been fantastic to discover during the pandemic, but it’s never too late. :two_hearts:

OK, that video seems to be out of commission now (copy still up). Fortunately Айым is back to recording a lil something here and there. Hopefully a full album in the not too distant future?

Sheryl Crow
She may not be the best pure singer, but she’s solid. Also, I respect that she writes her own music and plays almost all her own instruments. Lots of musical talent.

Alison Moyet. I may like many/other female vocalists, but I can say her without hesitation. The og Adele imho.

I also like Kane Brown’s voice, i love Bury Me in Georgia song

Forgot to mention this last-year discovery, she went straight to my “gems” category that I have to listen to in careful doses so I don’t get bored of them:

MARO Tiny Desk Concert

The whole album hortelã is just medicine.


Beth Gibbons.