Who are your favourite male vocalists

Some of mine…

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Purely on fun technical ability, Von Smith (the run at 3:39 is amazing)

Nick, that is a heck of a list.

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An obvious choice I think, Bon Iver

I love that Cohen was mentioned. So on that note, here’s one of my favorites covering one of his songs, Creston Spiers from Harvey Milk.

D.H. Phillips from True Widow

Ben Verellen from Helms Alee

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I like Tidal, when i search right it helps me move out of my comfort zone of usual music and explore all sorts of artists and music genres I have been missing out on over a lifetime. At the moment there is all sorts of Latin flavors too…

Sam Beam: Singer-songwriters & One-man-bands

I am definitely enjoying RHODES lately.

Horrible pronunciation and a meh song, but this may actually be THE most technically skilled vocalist out there currently

+1 for Tom Waits, and Santana… for the guitar!

Also, Roy Khan for me.

Raine Maida:

Eddie Vedder:

Evergrey (uh, Tom Englund – and sorry, the volume is low):