Who knows this headphone

We had this headphone in our university library and I only have this photo from it. The sound was great. Anyone knows the model?
Thank you

You are much better off trying to contact the library/university about it, or if the headphones are still there, to visit in person and check.

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welcome to HFG, mostafa!

they sorta look like something from Grado…but a model with metal cups rather than wood, so if I’m on the ball that limits which they could be.

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Thank you Voja for your suggestion. I exactly did that and got the result. I googled “Hong Kong PolyU library headphone” and found a photo of two headphones shown as library facilities in the library website, but no model information. I then used google image search and found a similar photo in a Quora.com discussion. I had to buy a one month subscription to see the full comments. Finally I accessed the photo and the model in a Quora comment. The model number was wrong, but from the photo it was Panasonic. I searched for all Panasonic headphones and finally found it. Panasonic RP-HXD3W :smiley:


Thank you Marzipan for your response. I found it. it was Panasonic RP-HXD3W

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Very happy to hear that!

Now that you say it, it makes sense. Philips, Panasonic, Sony, they make these kind of looking cheap headphones. But if you didn’t mention Panasonic, I would’ve never remembered about it!

A bummer that you had to get a subscription for Quora, but am truthfully happy that you found the headphones =D

Well, the good news is that the subscription could be canceled in the first month so I did that :smiley:
I was going to buy that headphone but it seems it is discontinued. I went though the reviews and realized that the sound quality is not so good actually. I don’t know why I was impressed by the quality at that time (around 2016) :smiley: , but I’m really happy that I finally found it

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Fair enough.

I know how it feels to be looking for something and finally finding it. Sometimes it takes years, sometimes a couple of hours, and then there are times when you never find it :confused:

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Exactly true :smiley:

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