Who sells Sabaj?

I can’t find a reseller/ partner list on their site and only Amazon & HiFi Express come up on Google (well, newegg com does too, but they don’t ship to Canada). Amazon’s selection is incomplete and I don’t know if HFE is trust worthy.

oh, AliE has them too, but at ridiculous pricing. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

thanks, but the prices on that are mostly nutz too :stuck_out_tongue:

I am canadian too. On the 24 of July I bought 2 sabaj a10a 2022 from hifi express. Got it on the 8 of August. Just don’t expect tracking (the tracking number they gave me was bogus) or fast shipping. Didn’t try to contact them. Just knew to wait and see it show up. Can’t say I recommend hifi express but plenty enough packages from them get delivered so, if you don’t mind the lack of those features (that shoud be standard for every companies but watever), than go ahead and buy from them.

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you bought exactly what Im curious about!