Whole Home Setup

Hey guys,

My home is wired with ceiling speakers all throughout it. I need some recommendations on how to power them all along with zoning them. Each room has 2 speakers in it and the end of each cable has 4 wires (red, black, green, white). So, in total, that’s around 24 speakers. I’ve looked around and am not sure what the best practice here is. Can you guys please recommend me a good setup that has a nice phone app to properly manage the zones?


Have to say. No knowledge to set up and manage so many Zones or speakers.
2 per each room = 24 speakers, that would be max. 12 zones.

Would something from HTD Whole House Multi-Room Audio Systems have a solution you could use. At least they have products for 12 zones (24 speaker) management and smart phone and panel controls.

Please leave comments how this project continues. Curious to know more.

That looks exactly what I’m kinda looking for, but to access the phone app, you have to have a wired ethernet to where all the speaker wires are which I don’t have. It would be troublesome to run one where it’s at as well. Why the hell doesn’t this thing have WiFi!?

Edit: Looks like they provide a way with this.

For my whole house solution, I’m using HEOS. You can get the Heos Superlink and a third party multi zone amp. I use OSD. Denon also makes a Heos Drive which has built-in amps, but it’s probably more cost feasible to get something from someone else that has more zones.

Check if they are “100V speakers”, in that case, you need different amplifiers to power them than the common HiFi ones.

Very late with the update, but I did purchase HTD for this project. It’s working out very well!

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