Who's got electrostatics?

which one’s and what do you think?

how many of you without, dream of having them because you’ve experienced them?

I’ve got the SRS-2100, first hi-fi product I ever tested. I had them soon after testing. my only complaint is that the 207’s have no bass unless you’re listening to instrumental music. everything else is flat and lifeless. :frowning:

Used to have a srs 3100 system after I sold it off because of the lack of low end and unusual timbre. Was neat to own and I might consider different estats in the future, but for now I’m set

that’s because you have the Abyss? which model exactly?

It was sold before I ever heard the new abyss. I just didn’t like the build and they were too inaccurate for mastering and honestly I just didn’t pick them up that often, so they went. I really at the time only liked the 007 and didn’t want to invest into a estat ecosystem

okay. what Abyss do you have now? did you listen to the other planar’s in the same price range from others? what made you choose them over those?

AB-1266 PHI TC. It just did everything right for me. And I didn’t have any issues with the comfort. This just had the detail and spacial sense that I was looking for. I was also looking at the hifiman jade 2, Meze Empyrean, Ether 2, AD5000x, + more. Its kinda hard to explain. It just kinda clicked, and that was the one. Other flagships were nice, but something about the abyss just drew me in


I should add that I kinda ignored the higher end stax because I couldn’t get over their strange timbre for the price. I also don’t like martinlogan estats as an aside. But I do like vintage quad esl’s. Some of the newer ones are nice as well

newer quad’s or other electrostatic options that have come out in the last bit?

I heard the quad ESL-2812 and it was really frickin nice, and I’ve also had the pleasure of listening to a ESL-57 and that was an experience. Old ass speakers that really kick ass.

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well, they are electrostatic…but they’re not headphones. :stuck_out_tongue:

one of my friends that got me into audio has restored quad’s from before…no idea which model though. can these reproduce bass for all genre’s of music unlike before?

The new ones are better… but still not really. I would recommend people to get a subwoofer in any good setup (besides nearfield sometimes) anyway. You can add a sub to speakers to fill in the missing frequencies, but you can’t reasonably do that with headphones. With estats, you would want a faster sub to pair with, but you still would need to do adjustments so the sub is in time with the fast estats

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/me sees M0N walking around with a sub on his shoulders…

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