Who's Using Sony WF-1000XM4?

Hello anyone here using Sony WF-1000XM4 I’m thinking of buying it on new year sale! btw i live in Pakistan so kindly mention price in PKR this product is listed on iShopping and i’m thinking of buying via Savyour on iShopping to get some cashback and discount!

Hi @Rayyanj ! I have had the previous version (WF-1000XM3) for two years. I use them daily for audio books, lectures, and a little music while commuting and shopping. They have never failed and I love the noise suppression when driving my car with the top down. I may buy the XM4 in the future because my XM3s have been so good (reliable, etc.). Only thing is to find the right tips… I use Dekoni tips on all my iems including the Sony’s.

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Have both the 3 and 4- love em both got the 3 for a cool 90 and upgraded to 4 for use on bike (water resistance and wind software upgrades.

Majority of use case is audio books and podcasts but these are also clutch with solid noise canceling (best I’ve heard in IEMs) and the music sounds solid …others say bloated bass…I don’t find that the case and if that is the case the Sony app has light eq that I find fix 90% problems anyone might have with sound.

I have Sony Z1R and while they don’t hit that level (what do you expect for 1100 price difference) they run in line and provide easily 80-85% the sound quality… they are a stupid no brainer buy AND can be had for easy under 200 used. With Sony signature I’d easily recommend em to anyone. I use Sony aftermarket tips EP EX11 L - they made a big difference in isolation as well.

@nymz you have those?

Hi there, I have the XM4 but I only really use them for the Active Noise Canceling (ANC) they provide. I live near the highway so sometimes when it’s particularly noisy and I need to focus on work I will pull them out, or use them for airplanes of course.

They are okay but not great for listening to music - the bass is bloated and there are way better options at the same price point. But they have fantastic ANC if that’s what you need.


now I’m definitely going to buy this! :smiley:

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Tbh I was looking for this kind of earbuds for noise-canceling i can’t focus on work when someone talk loud or something like that! :smiley:

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These are the best ANC I’ve heard in small iem package. And soundwise these blow apple outta the water.

What do you feel are better options in terms of wireless /ANC at that price point. Have you played with the app eq?

No I agree, the ANC on them is awesome. I think what I meant is that there are other good non-ANC headphones for listening to music that sound way better in that price range, not that there’s a better ANC in that price range, although I hear good things about the Bose ones as well.

Yeah I’ve messed around with the EQ a little bit. I just consider them “meh” for listening to music.

Gotcha…I like the signature and I think especially for non technical listening - and with this feature set (ANC is great AND the wind adjustment is awesome for me as I commute by bike 30 min each way) these are a slam dunk.