Why are the HD660s popular among many gamers and streamers?

Does it have better imaging or positioning than the HD800s or other options in the upper price range? It doesn’t seem to have good soundstage, which is important in large field FPS games like PUBG or Apex…Why is it so? The Sennheiser models(except the GSP and Game series) were said to have not quite ‘sharp’ imaging…

No, they’re not better than the 800s that carries a triple price tag, but they’re still miles better than any pair of gaming headphones out there at practically the same price as the high end gaming sets that just focus on overloading bass. Think of it as an entry into “proper headphone” territory within the same price range.

I assume you meant headset? 600 series is narrow as hell on the staging… only great in terms of smaller fps for competitives. Great headphone… but I wouldn’t remotely consider it better than beyers when it comes to competitive in regards to soundstage and imaging. Wouldn’t really name a $400+ headphone an entry level either there… I would give that to something like 58x jubilee if going with sennheiser for more entry level or like… hd 598 maybe 6xx if you get one cheap enough


you have asked this particular question in like 6 other threads so I will skip that portion.

beeeecause as I said before… a lot of games can’t make use of all that staging due to limitations… Sennheisers fit practically anywhere and sound incredible… 6xx is quite common amongst the gamer crowd… 58x right behind it. Good for generally everything except the larger fps or if your a bass head

Not the 560S? Some reviews I have read suggested has a bit more stage compared to other comparative Sennheiser line.

560s are more expensive than 58x and 598… but yeah pretty much

its much cheaper than the 800s. better soundstage than the 650 and best imaging in the 600 line. streamers are also not exactly the most informed about gear if they were I feel a more significant portion of them would be spending less and getting a 58x or a pair of beyers instead or even ath air series headphones

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I would agree with Rice here. I owned and like the 660s but it is far from the best gaming headphone. It is by no means bad and sennheiser has a pretty decent rep amongst consumers and the 660s is often viewed as the step up from the very popular 6XX. The other possible reason would be comfort the 600 lines build (if it works for you) is very comfortable and can be worn with no issue for hours

Mine came in with that typical sennheiser skull crushing head clamp so I had to stretch the hell out of it lol. Other than that yeah definitely agreed quite comfortable

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Maintain a budget of about $200 dollars for heaphones specifically for GAMING. There isn’t much cost vs performance gain after that price point. Can’t go wrong with Beyerdynamic 880/990/TYGRs.

I had DT1990s at one time and they were not twice the performance of my current TYGRs.

While I would argue a lot of games leave a lot to be desired in the sound department, Headphones definetly scale beyond 200.

yeah, I think it just depends on the game really… in fps? eh, not too much less like… tarkov where sound is everything. In casual games or rpg? oh most definitely scale past 200. Cyberpunk’s sound engine is ridiculously good despite all the stupid bugs one of the very few games that uses all of my T1.2 sound staging to make the world feel more alive

For competitive gaming, I’m saying a more conservative approach could be taken. In PUBG, the sound engine is poor so I do not think much over $200 is going to improve much.

Casual gaming is a different animal.

I’m NOT saying headphones over $200 are not worth it.