Why do people like subs on the floor so much?

I hate rumbling ground
i want to feel it in my chest, not my feet, no?

  1. Subs are heavy, so lifting them up on stands is a task
  2. Low frequencies bounce a lot, so flooding the floor will fill a room

  3. Where else would you put them? Horrizonal line array?

Just do this. Should work

There’s also a bass chest rig. That might work.

Otherwise just using bass heavy headphones should prevent the ground from vibrating.

If you really want to just feel the cans, hexv2 + mlp = bass punch.

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like just on anti vibration pad stands at like hip level for a sitting room? idk. lol
i dont use subs just bookshelves, ive used them before and never really enjoyed it but ive never owned to really get a good feel for one. But i just always hate when subs are on floors because its not a comfortable feeling, i would rather want a woof on the chest to get some feeling of impact, no? thats where i have the ports on my bookshelfs and its nice.

With proper isolation feet, the ground don’t rumble.


thats the goal though, no rumble? then thats good
what do you feel about raised higher than that though?

a horizontal line array?
wouldnt that be sick as fuck though?

lol wtf is that ahhaaahahah
speakers sound better than cans

Probably a pain to tune that over sized soundbar, but could be pretty nice.

↑ this


i just thought people wanted the rumble so i didnt get it, anyway thanks

She’s… sitting on the sub because she likes the… vibrations… in the music… cough

Seriously though, apparently some people really listen to headphones and to a subwoofer at the same time (sitting on it is not mandatory).

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yeah i heard of that at some point, its a little out there for me
and im a speaker boi so if i have a sub it would be with speakers ahaha

cause they’re not people and they know their place :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t listen to subs standing up. Problem solved. You’re welcome. ahahaha

I want a stack, i just Can’t afford it and the accompanying equipment. :crazy_face: you are correct it would sound awesome.

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my feet are going to touch the floor sitting
are you like 4 foot? xD

the fucking dream


So thats like 45 000 $ :smiley: Would wanna experience that though