Why does Netflix Gets Stuck While Loading In Smart TV?

Hello everyone. I am new to this forum and this is my first post also. For the last couple of days, I am facing an issue on Netflix. That is whenever I am trying to launch Netflix on my smart TV, it gets stuck while loading. Guys, I don’t know why this is happening and how to fix this issue. Even after I tried several attempts, but the issue is unchanged. Can anyone provide any suggestions for this? Any help will be appreciated.

Would try Uninstalling the app and start again.
With wired connection in TV.

usually cause SmartTV’s being retarded by a crummy CPU. and don’t forget what little CPU power there is, is likely being used up while the TV is being a snitch and surveiling you.

Thanks for replying to all. I already tried the processes you mentioned before. After that, I did a Google search and found this. The issue is fixed after applying a process mentioned there. I just sign out from all the devices and sign in again on only one device. Now the issue is fixed. Hopefully, this process help others also.

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Had a similar hiccup a while back, and it turned out to be a sneaky internet issue. Have you tried resetting your router? Weirdly, it did the trick for me. And hey, since we’re on the Netflix topic, did you know there are ways to make a little extra cash while enjoying your favorite shows? There’s this thing called Swagbucks where you can earn points for watching videos, including Netflix. It’s not a fortune, but it’s a nice bonus. Just Google make money watching netflix and you might find some cool ideas. Anyway, back to the TV glitch – hope the router reset helps you out.

New thing i have noticed while using Smart TV’s.
The older the smart tv get and how old the Core software is, its more likely that the “more modern” applications start to crash and get stuck on various situations.

Same thing with Tablets and Phones.
The hardware or Core Android needs to process more and newer or modern applications that it was never designed to handle.
Do they give support on older devices and make new Core’s?
Of course not… you kinda are “forced” to buy modern devices if you want to continue the usage.

Have had more and more issues with apps on older Sony smart TV. They just do not work anymore and the TV takes… looooooong a$$ time to process new apps and might crash every now and then.
Like the TV’s Core needs a full reboot every week to even work.
But is 9 years old so… in these days that’s ancient history.

It’s not the only one, Netflix I mean. Sometime this week I’m going to run a line from my modem to my TV & see if that helps with stopping the freezes & drop outs. My Amazon Video & YouTube are both problematic. They were already in the TV when I got it but they are a bit glitchy, sometimes.