Wild unwarranted speculation

There’s this

Then, there’s this

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Funny because I think they took a jab at koss the other week related to all the WSB stuff. Can’t find it now, but i thought it was an Instagram post that said something along the lines of ‘75 years and still family owned’

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So, I’m speculating that Drop will buy the Senn consumer business. I wonder if the higher lines (HD6+) of cans are part of that.

“…consumer audio business, which consists of headphones and soundbars. It’s going to shift its focus entirely to professional audio…”

I think the equipment we all know and love will be fine. This sounds like their true wireless and ANC type stuff like the momentum 3, momentum true wireless, etc.

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Word is that the Drop can will be a HD8XX.

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How much do you think the hd8xx would go for? Im hoping about $900 or $1000 but I guess we’ll see soon.

I suppose there’s nothing stopping them from shifting products around from “consumer” to one of the “pro” business units. As things stand now though, their own announcement makes it look to me like all of the Sennheiser-branded headphones discussed here would be classified as part of the consumer unit they’re looking to spin off.


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The biggest scam in headphones was the idea that there were “better” headphones than the HD 600’s from decades ago. And honest to god I was there 20+ years ago when they were top dog and I still have not heard anything better… It’s true they weren’t perfect with every amp or music style but wow were they amazing with the right setup and music… liquid fricking gold. Now the big fad is how things measure… I can’t figure out what that is all about. I guess if someone shows me a graph that plays music I’ll understand better.

Anyway, once Sennheiser is gone someone will pick up an old 600 and a tube amp at an estate sale years from now and maybe they’ll hear the magic again and it will start all over. Till then we live in Chinese computer chip hell. Have fun wit dat I guess…

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For $900 I’ll buy it. Just to see what all the fuss is about.

Well shit. Let’s hope someone who knows what there doing gets there hands on it and not some bullshit tech giant like samsung with AKG.