Will hd58x work on ps4?

I’m trying to decide on the hd58x or the pc38x for gaming and listening to some music. I’m leaning to the 58x but am concerned that my ps4 won’t be able to run the. Any input would be appreciated.

The ps4 controller doesn’t have enough power to drive the 58x. Im pretty sure the pc38x can get loud enough on a ps4 controller just based off specs.

The ps4 can drive the 38x loud enough and is definitely enjoyable for that purpose, was using them on the ps4 for the first time today. I prefer them with the suede pads because the elevation in bass makes them more fun sounding. They’re fine for general music listening and I have no real complaints about them in that regard.

I have PS4 slim, KSC75x and HD58x. Believe me, HD58x is easier to drive than KSC75x. It’s not just with DualShock4. I don’t have issue driving HD58x with any devices that I have.

58x? No, 38x? yes you should be fine and it was designed to be ampless. ps4 is awful at anything running 32 ohm and higher. It may get the 58x slightly loud however, it struggles and doesn’t sound properly driven speaking from experience.

Thanks for the info I diceded to go with the pc38