Will more then 1 headphone hurt my amp

i have a topping A30 Pro amp, if i want to plug in 2 headphones at the same time to compare sounds or to show two ppl a song at the same time, aswell as watch movie with a friend and use 2 headphones.
will this hurt my amp??

cause this amp runs really warm just being turned on
and my dac is a smsl d300 if that matters

pls excuse my noobiness

When the combined impedance is above 32 Ω, you are fine.

Total Impedance is calculated as
1 / ( (A / 1) + (B / 1) + …)
Substitute the letters for the headphones impedance.

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great thx, so i would have to use headphones that are under 16 oms to do any harm. think my lowest is 32 the dt 177x go so i should have no worries then. so even 3 headphones at the same time on this amp will be fine to?

not that i ever would, but just for piece of mind

There are some ways in which an unfortunate combination of headphones could present a less then favourable load to the amplifier. This may not cause damage (in a well designed amp, protection will kick in), but it can be audibly worse than just a single headphone.
For “listening with a friend” during split-screen gaming, I would not worry about it (with my initial comment in mind, off course).

mostly its just so i can try out new headphones that i order off amazon, to see how they compare to decide if i want to keep or send back. you know fun headphone stuff.

im new to the whole world of headphones and amps and dac’s, just don’t want to do any dmg to anything as i play around

I would suggest to sit down with your new acquisition(s) for a couple of days and just use it. Get to know its signature for various albums and genres, its strength and weaknesses.
You will memorize that behaviour and when you then switch back, you will immediately know what is more pronounced or where a particular piece has shortcommings.

In my experience, switching quickly between things is not super helpful, except when you are troubleshooting a blown driver by putting the headphone on “backwards”.

o hey another question, the usb cable that came with this dac is way to short for where i want to place it.
do i need any special usb cable i need to look for when buying one off amazon. or will any usb A to usb B (printer cable) work. or will i lose sound? i have a reg ugreen cable on the way now, but thought i would ask you

this will be the main cable running from my pc to the dac

For beginner equipment, cables should not make a difference. So as long as it works, it is fine in my books.

just when you get into the $1000+ equipment then it will matter?