Will my aune b1s be able to drive the harmonicdyne Zeus at 115db?

Planning on getting the Zeus, but don’t wanna switch from my aune b1s. Will it be able to drive the Zeus at 115db (drumming requires high volume, especially cus it’s an open back) on class a positive?

Calculator to help.

If i placed numbers correctly from the amp and from the headphones, no it will not.
Besides those headphones will probably break way before hitting the “goal” of loudness…

And then.
IMO it’s stupidity beyond understanding to listen something at 115db right besides ears…

That will ruin your hearing in a hurry.

Get closed backs like DT-770 M or HD-280 Pro, protect your hearing.

I’m actually not sure how loud I listen to stuff too, so I checked with a fairly accurate app and turns out it was around 90db, would it be able to push that volume?