Will my Loxjie A30 be able to amplify a Fostex T50RP MK3?

Will it?
I came upon the opportunity to import a T50RP MK3 for a decent price, but i need to know if my little A30 is up to the task, or if i need a more powerful amp.

P.S.: I went into the Headphonesty calculator and got this info, i know the Loxjie can provide the 64mW of power, but no idea about the vRMS and mRMS, nor do i know if the calculator is any good…

hm think it could get lound enough but bass will probaply be lachking cause it hasnt enough juice to drive those passages with the t50

but maybe someone here has more experience with that amp than me

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Hey, I think it will, imo. I rarely use its headphoneout usually use my XD-05Plus or Topping A30, gotta try out end up got 50 for listening to Achilles Last Stand - Led Zeppelin and 46 for Scene Six: Home - Dream Theater (maybe too loud for some :sweat_smile:), using Oval Brainwavz PU Leather, aux fed by E30. Hearing from my T50RP the Loxjie A30 is sounded slightly harsher than the XD-05Plus & Topping A30 but less powerful i think, both with V5i opamp.

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The problem often isn’t “can it drive headphone X” but “how well does it drive headpone X”.

I have no experience with the T50 (though I’d love to get argons) I do have Sundara’s. And while they do run off my apple dongle… They run like shit. While when I give them a few watts of power, I don’t need to turn them up an louder, but they sound so much fuller, so much better, more engaging, wider…

For some headphones you don’t need more power to have more volume. You need more power to open up their full potential. And as for what I’ve read, T50’s are those kinds of headphones. While they will ‘run’ off 64mW. They might not open up till a few hundred mW

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ahh, I see. I’d gotten that kind of difficulty with my IEMs when pairing with particular amps or phones too. Is that the same thing about power for IEMs or anything else going on?
If that the case i think A30 couldn’t drive T50RP into its full potential.

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Forgive me if i got this wrong, but, can you roll opamps on the Loxjie A30 as well?
Not sure if you only meant that you have the V5i on the Topping and xDuoo or if you have it on the Loxjie as well.

That’s what i meant to ask, actually, i’m aware that even my phone can drive some heavyweight headphones, but it can’t drive them well.

Oh, no I can’t, the V5i is on Topping & xDuoo not the Loxjie.

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Ah, i see!
I considered rolling opamps on the XD05 Basic when i had it, but ended up never doing anything with it, my unit had some common issues.

Ah. No. It will probably not no. Lurking on the forum I see most people get good results with amp’s that can output over 300-400mW

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Hmm, so something like a Magni would work then.
But it costs US$99, on top of the US$130 for the T50RP, i think its best i just get a US$200 headphone outright, so many easier to drive models around, too.
I ordered a Kuba Disco (US$130~ as well) yesterday, if i don’t like it, i’ll shop around for some different headphones around the US$200 margin.

The thing is once you get a Magni (if you can find one) you stand to gain a performance boost in all your headphones. not just the T50.

When I got my Sundara’s I was really bummed out I was gonna have to spend into an AMP and DAC for them. I thought about sending it back but decided to try the whole audiophile thing anyway. My IEM’s sound better, my Sundara’s sound marvelous, my KPH30i’s sounded (rip) better, my SV021 will benefit from this,…

I realised I didn’t spend 450€ on a DAC and AMP to improve my Sundara, but to improve everything. Split it out over my 4 IEM’s and two, soon to be three headphones… That’s 450/7 = 65-ish euros… Now that makes a lot more sense already. And the more new stuff I try, the better the value of just having a decent DAC and AMP.

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Yep, that’s a very good point.
I kinda bought the A30 expecting to do this at some point.

You have one?
I’m super curious about it!

Unfortunately, chances are… You’ll keep buying.
I got an SH-9 and used a 3.5mm to RCA cable and thought “There. I have the power to drive my Sundara now”. i then realised AMP stands for amplifier… meaning it also amplified the electrical noise in my PC.
So DAC it is. Boom. SU-8.
But now I want some more fun. MT-602. Boom… And guess what… I’m drooling over an Ares II now :stuck_out_tongue: Don’t have the money but damn is the urge strong!

No! Sorry. I meant to say that it WILL be good for my FUTURE SV021 :wink:

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Strong candidate in my book, much easier to get into the country since i can order it from China.
I never gave much thought about headphone amps since my Onkyo could amp pretty much any headphone i’ve tried (although people say using vintage amps with modern headphones is ill-advised), but my Onkyo is sick now, and i’m yet to find a proper technician to fix it.

You’re waiting for the black/dark wood model as well, or you’re going for the light colored model?
I bought the Kuba to quench the thirst a little bit :joy:

Actually I’m waiting for money :stuck_out_tongue: I quite like the light model :hushed:

€84. Sounds pretty okay. Really good power. Spend another 20-30 on nice tubes and it goes from ‘sounds pretty okay’ to ‘what the fuck!!’. I still giggle every time I toggle between the SH-9 and MT-602

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What tubes do you have on it?
I’ll take note for when i pull the trigger on buying it.

6AK5 Sylvania.
Bit hard to find in Europe. I paid 14$ + 14€ in shipping cuz USA :stuck_out_tongue:

These are old (1950’s-1960’s. There is 70’s too but they sound different they say) vacuum tubes that, as far as I read (lemme know if this is a fable) were used to amplify radar signals xD

They’re are very thicc, warm and creamy sounding. it’s like… Like pouring warm honey all over your music!

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I found Philips (ECG) 6AK5 here in the country for preeeeety cheap, around US$8, wonder if they’re as good as the Sylvanias.

Edit: link

Buy and try. You’ll at least be able to have two different sounds (OEM + Phillips) for just 8$. Sounds worth it to me. Padswapping costs more and has less impact :stuck_out_tongue:

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