Will the L4 benefit from a better AMP/DAC?

Hey folks, I recently bought the Thieaudio L4 and I am very happy with them so far. I am driving them via the USB-C Apple Dongle, which I bought because of the great reviews and the low price of course.

However, I can’t stop wondering if I am really using them at their full potential and wanted to get some opinions on worthwhile upgrades from the Apple dongle.

Based on what I’ve read here BTR5/BTR3K or the Hip DAC are both great options. I am not necessarily looking for a portable solution and I would rather not have to buy a new cable, at least for now. (I currently use the stock 3.5mm single ended cable)

I would love to hear other IEM owner’s experiences and recommendations! My upper limit is around 160$ (including the price of a new cable, if I have to buy one). Thanks in advance!