Will the Micca COVO-S' work fine in this setup?

I’m planning on getting the COVO-S speakers for a very modest setup but just wanted to get input on whether it would work or not.

So were I to get them, they’d just about fit at the very edges of the TV stand with a couple cms hanging off. Then I realized I could perhaps use them instead right below the center of the screen almost as a soundbar.

My question is would the speakers work out fine in either placement? This TV is only going to be used for retro gaming like PS2 and Wii (maybe a very rare DVD viewing) so as long as it does the job I’ll be content. I just have worries about whether the space is too small for an already small speaker lol. In that case I’d just stick with the TV speakers which I wouldn’t be too upset about. They’re going for $35 right now so it’s no biggie either way. They’d be powered by a Topping PA3/E30 combo likely using the optical output.

They cant take too much volume. Ive fried a set using them as height speakers. The micca OoO are good alternative but have a larger footprint.