Will The setup work

Hello, I am looking into buying and upgrading to some stax l300/500’s because I head many good things about electrostatics, I wanted to keep my current dac/amp the schiit jotunhiem and use it as a dac and preamp for my new setup as I still want to retain the ability to use dynamic headphones. I want to run the pre out into a schiit Ragnarok v1 (I know someone who’s selling one for cheap) and I want to run the speaker outputs from the ragnarok into a woo wee dynamic to electro static converter. Will this work and will it sound good ?

Anyone got any clue, the purpose of this setup is so I can upgrade over time I want to get the Ragnarok keep using my headphones and then finally get the converter and the electrostatics

I don’t think the jot can output it’s dac signal I think, but I might be wrong. If you are going to get a rag, why not use that as the headphone amp, and sell the jot for a nice dac? I do think the rag to woo will work just fine, but I can’t recall if the jot can actually output it’s dac signal. Personally I don’t really like the jot nor rag but if you can get a rag for a good price it isn’t a bad choice

Thanks for your input, I might actually consider selling the jot later on and buying a smsl su8 or topping d70

Yeah that would be pretty nice. I would suggest selling the jot if you get the rag since I think that would be similar performance with headphones. I would suggest the su8 or the enog 2 pro for a good balanced dac for the price. I think if you wanted to be in the 500 range for the dac you might want to consider a bifrost 2 or something