Will this amp Rotel rb-985 make my system sound better?

I have a Yamaha Htr-8063 with front and center b&w DM603 with rears . i have never had a external amp before, if i use the Rotel rb-985 to power my fronts and or center will it give my system more punch since the yamaha wont be powering those speakers? Just want to know the advantages this amp will give me. Have a chance of picking one up.

At least the power specs are pretty similar.



Maybe tweaking the Yahamas Tone Controls or general sound settings would help in the punch department. Speaker location change might also help if room absorbs the punch.
Or just actually looking for external amp that has absurd amount of power, compared to those.

Just wanted to power the fronts so the yamaha can power the rest thinking. it is either the rotel or Soundcraftsmen Pro-power 3, i know rotel is good and thx but soundcraftsman?

Don’t know much about old amps or how they would compare?
Rotel sure makes good amp’s, no question there but i would think that one would not bring enough of difference. Or might.

External amp with big power +250 watts / 8ohm or more in digital, after that it would not be a power issues after that if punch is missing.

it’s not punch is missing, thinking the speaker would benifit from clean power and then less stress from the yamaha as some speakers would be taken off.

To my knowledge that not how surround amps work. You get the mentioned power per channels, so if leaving some channels un-used. Rest do no benefit anything.
Might stress less Yes, maybe but why? If there is no real benefit. If it breaks, then new/repair.

You mentioned “punch”. That’s why i mentioned it also.
I really hate the word with audio.

But that is something that can pretty easy tested.
Just remove some speakers and see is there benefits with remaining speakers. If not, no benefit.

If you BI-AMP the front speakers. Then there should be big differences.

I thought by just adding a better amp to the front speakers would sound better and never owned a rotel and for the price i have a 5 channel great amp. I am using the back surround speakers as well. Thinking it will change the sound up front example warmer ect. i hear rotel and b&w go well together?

Hooked up the amp and wow!!, Warmer sound and sytem thumps and the center speaker is so much enhanced!!