Windows 10 USB/MOBO sound setup HELP

I am planning on implementing a 2.1 setup in my room at my desk, using a usb dac for my speakers and a 3.5 out from the sub/center port of the sound chip on my mobo for my subwoofer. is it possible to use both sound devices actively on windows 10? (software needed to allow this to happen is acceptable, link in your comment) Link to my setup parts list: Sound Setup - PCPartPicker

Edit: I think I may have found a solution on my own! (2) Play Audio Through 2 Audio Outputs At The Same Time In Windows 10 - YouTube

You could do it by using some software that uses 2 DACs at the same time (windows can’t do it by itself, I think Virtual Audio Cable can do it and there’s other software that can) but I would just get a DAC with multiple outputs or use a speaker amp/active speakers with a LFE output to connect the subwoofer.