Windows Audio Settings

Yeah so keep it at 24 bit and you should have no problems. You may want to keep the exclusive modes on for future use though

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That’s part of why we said 32 bit makes things freak out. As for the exclusive mode, that’s dependent on you. I leave it checked for apps like foobar.

and should i be using optical or USB it says online that they both can use 24 bit 192 khz?

Whichever you can/feel like. If you can use optical, then by all means, do. If you can’t, or feel more comfortable with USB, then just use USB

*Edit: Can is dependent on your source(computer) and DAC

Both will sound pretty much identical, so just use what is more convenient for you

Could this be the reason Amazon Ultra HD doesnt play for me? Mine is set to 32bit 41000Hz?

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If you get any audio from the system it ought to work.
I have 3 DACs connected to my PC, one 96/24, one at 192/32 and one at 384/32, they all work, including for Amazon HD.
I also use them with Foo Bar, one of them requires setting the bit depth to 24 for the WSAPI output to work.
Amazon hd won’t select a frequency or bit depth higher than the system settings.

Amazon Ultra HD is supposed to be higher than 44100hz. Maybe this setting is why i cant hear it.

And my SU8 goes to 32bit and 768 kHz but the khz in this panel only goes to 32bit 38400hz

If your system is set to 44.1 it’s not going to play back higher than that.
If you click on the HD icon while it’s playing it’ll tell you what the system is set to, what the recording is at and what it’s playing back out.
If you want to test I believe most of the Rush album Fly By Night is remastered at 192/24.

You should set it to the highest you can, while keeping in mind 32bit tends to make things flip shit. If somehow you have 32 bit files you can play, great. Otherwise, it’s typically best to leave it at the highest 24bit you can.

SU8 is only 32/384 (but it doesn’t matter anyway lol)

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also, if you’re lazy like me, you can create a “Sound” shortcut on Windows 7 & 10. Makes life a lot easier.

For PCM audio it doesn’t matter much. USB can be noisier than optical, particularly with ground loops. Optical uses a modulated light beam to send signal which means your DAC will be electrically decoupled from the PC. If your USB connection isn’t making unwanted noise then there really is no difference up to 24 bit 192KHz signals. If down the road you want to use a software player’s exclusive mode to send DSD directly to your DAC, you’ll have to use USB.

if my d10 supports it and it actually doesn’t cause issues, would you still prefer/recommend i leave things at 24 bit rather than 32?

Yeah, personally I think you shouldn’t use 32 bit unless you are working in a 32 bit daw for music creation or something. I would just keep it at 24 bit to avoid issues

but what about the ▌│█║▌║▌║ şᵒ几𝒾𝓬 ρ𝓡𝔬𝐏e𝐑𝓉iEs ║▌║▌║█│▌ !!!

Well, do you actually have any music in 32 bit?

no, definitely not :hocho:

The SMSL website is reporting 768khz

Huh, I wonder if it’s a driver thing then. It’s not like most people have music at that level anyway

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