Wireless Buds for GYM

Hey there,

Been using some cheap Sony buds as my pair to listen to screaming as I lift my 5 pound dumbbells at the gym. But as superior as wires are for most things, they really get in the way when deadlifting and a ton of other exercises.

Now I have tried wireless buds, but the “true wireless” are a genuine pain, and almost never like staying in my ear. Which is why I would like a pair with a cable/band that I rest on my neck.

Sound wise, I mean as long as they sound slightly better than my $28 Sony extra bass buds I’ll be happy. They need to have the thumpy bass and energy that’s perfect for hyping you up for a lift. If they can also not throw mids off a cliff it’d be a bonus. My main music I listen to is Metal, and some other high energy genres.

My budget is around $50-100.

Have you looked into the UTWS adapters?

I’ve heard of them, but I don’t really want to use them cause they’re a bit bulky on the ears, and IEMs don’t go too well with sweating.

I use the UTWS5 for the gym with my qdc 8SL and they hold up pretty well. You can bend the adapters to contour to your face so they’ll fit pretty snugly, and I’d argue the ear hooks are more snug than what standalone TWS and neckband sets offer. I only feel comfortable pairing them with IEMs that aren’t ported though b/c of sweat.

As for recommendations, I used the LG Tone neckband sets like 10 years ago but found them really annoying for anything other than the treadmill (they also sounded pretty meh by today’s standards.) Maybe the Jabra neckbands are good, but I’ve never listened to them so I can’ really provide an opinion. All that’s to say that I’d check out using ear hooks before going the neckband route IMO.

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