Wireless Headphone for both Travel and Gaming?

Hi guys, I’m new a here, a friend of mine advised me to ask for help from y’all. I hope I’m in the right place / thread! So here it goes…

My old Headset is about to die (Steelseries Siberia 800), and I’m thinking about replacements.

However, my new job will soon require me to travel quite a lot (basically plane 2x a week) so I was thinking about getting one really good headphone, for both my PC (gaming) and for travel, and a standalone mic for home, here is what I would need:

Must haves:
-Good active noise cancelling
-Works with PC, Laptop, Phone
-Okay sound quality (I don’t need anything fancy, not gonna listen to anything above Spotify quality)
-I’d like it to be below EUR300 if possible, but slightly higher might be okay
-Portable (foldable preferably)

Would be nices:
-Premium look/feel
-Also works wired
-Had a microphone of some sort
-5.1 or 7.1 (not that important)

Thanks for the advice in advance!

for all the things you’re after, there’s no solution…you will have to compromise.

most popular noise cancelling headphones are the Sony XM3, but likely are sub-optimal for gaming

for gaming, Kingston has clones of the Audeze Mobius. slight savings over the Audeze.


You can find Bose 700’s for under 300€ at times. They check all your boxes (they fold flat, which IMO is the better way to fold).

Maybe kick that out. Two ears, two drivers, one per side.

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Something like the Drop Panda (Indiegogo) checks all except the 5.1/7.1 and active noise cancellation, but are a little above on price. They’re closed, so there’d be decent isolation, just not active cancellation. Same goes for Mobius.

Apart from that, you’re probably looking at something like the Sony XM3 as Marzipan mentions, which I’ve used extensively for travel and it does a good job in that capacity. It does have some degree of surround processing, but the onboard mic isn’t great and only connects to one device at a time.

none of these recommendations will be good for gaming though. they’ll work…but not optimal.

I don’t think any manufacturer has made a headphone for this use case.

no…as I said from the outset they will need to make compromises. one of his focuses will suffer…gaming audio or music quality.

Dacher, what’s your budget? perhaps it’s not impossible to find two headphones…one for music and one for gaming. :slight_smile:

Budget of 300€, per OP

It is around 300€.

I think the most important aspect for me would be the good noise cancelling, so that I can focus and work in rather noisy environment.
As for gaming audio quality, I used to game back in the day with a few euro Tesco headsets and low-end steel series ones, and now days I play less and less competitively. Even if I’m compromising with a Bose 700 or something similar, I think I can handle it.

As long as it works well with my PC (no constant pairing issues, etc.), I think I’ll be fine with it.
Now I’ve been looking into the XM3 and the 700, they seem rather nice for my needs. :slightly_smiling_face:

One other option might be the Senn PXC550. Unfortunately it’s micro USB, but it pairs to two devices at once, has very competitive ANC, and can be used wired both via 3.5mm jack or by USB while charging through your computer. And sound quality is a bit better than XM3, QC35, or 700, IMO.

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you can get all these with a lot of compromises so wireless and gaming for travel the audeze mobious would be my recc. but the nature of wireless bluetooth on pc and gaming is latency it makes any bluetooth based wireless products basically impossible for me to reccomend any of them for wireless. what I generally recc is always have something specifically for travel and specifically for gaming as when you make it wireless the sacrifices in performance and quality get significantly increased