Wireless headphone home theater

Not sure what to call it or if anyone has asked, based on my search, but…

What’s a wireless solution anyone uses to stream in isolation? Closed headphones off a bluetooth portable to a streaming box?

or just closed BT headphones if TV/gear supports BT.
No other streaming box needed.

Or closed headphones with BT receiver and BT transmitter.
But what is a headphones home theater?
Like wireless headphones for 5 people or?

Wasn’t sure what to call it. Just me in front of the TV with wired closed back headphones.

How about an XD-05 plus w/ bluetooth attachment to Roku? Does anyone use this or something similar?

I’ve been wanting the plus/portable amp but I fear the battery depreciation and the inability to replace.

That could be nice combo.

This will probably happen at some point. Like most portable / battery devices they become trash.

Are you saying you are looking for a portable amp that does Bluetooth so it can hook up to wired headphones? Or do you want Wireless headphones?

Making wired headphones wireless and connecting to streaming device.

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If you want to save some $$$ for other products, I would suggest just getting the Earstudio ES100 Mk2. Very powerful for its size and packed with features. You cannot go wrong with that for $75. Zeos recommended it if you want to get near the huge power bricks in quality but want to save money.
If you really want a giant powerful bluetooth amp/dac, the Fiio Q5s is one of the best, possibly the best. You can get it as is for $350, or with the THX AAA AM3D amp module for $400. Its bluetooth functionality is much easier than the XD-05 + with its bluetooth thing, and it is packed with features.
Those would be my recommendations.

Fantastic feedback. thanks!

Always a fan of saving for other goodies. I was considering the ES100 but couldn’t find where someone commented on the headphones they’ve used with it. In regards to me trying to determine power output. Any usage experience with specific headphones?

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Something like an ifi zen blue streaming dac might be what you are looking for

I haven’t used it myself, but it is pretty powerful for a tiny unit. Powers headphones up to 600 ohms good.

I though it was very lacking with a 600 ohm beyer, but most headphones will be fine as long as they aren’t that power hungry

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Well, I guess Radsone likes to exaggerate their products capabilities then lol.
But I would be surprised if there are any 600 ohm closed backs that you would regularly use for home theater.

Most amps that tout that they can handle whatever ohm load, are typically going to say that it technically can run them, but not to satisfactory levels or quality. You have to look at the rest of the specs and real tests to get a good idea what an amp can actually handle

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That would be more for if my streaming device wasn’t capable of connecting to a bluetooth device.

Looks like the ES100 is for me! Thank you all!

Hope you like it! If you don’t though, you can return it and try something else. :wink:

You may want to check the latency of those. If I remember correctly ES100 doesn’t support aptx low latency. Lagging audio is probably something undesirable for home theater.

If that’s a problem, I know you can also get an output bluetooth amplifier to go to a bluetooth receiver probably that might work.