Wireless Headphones for Gaming and Music

Hey guys,

a friend recommended this forum to me so I hope that you guys can help me on this one.

I’ve decided that I want some new headphones. Currently I’m using the Razer kraken 7.1 but I will soon have the Blue Yeti as a standalone mic, so I’m just looking for some wireless over-ear headphones for playing games and listening to music.

I want them to be wireless so that i can also pair them with my mobile phone and listen to music when I’m walking around my house or on the go. I also hate cables, so that may have also influenced my decision.
Since I’m playing some games (e.g. cs go, rocket league, dark souls, monster hunter, …) the main aspect of these headphones should be low latency. I would prefer some imaging as well, but that’s not as important as I’m more of a casual gamer.
Musicwise should these headphones be really good. I’m primarily listening to pop and electro, though configuration options would be appreciated so that I can tweak them if necessary. Just to mention it here: the (customizable) sound should be the deciding factor.

Now some more specifications that I would like to have:

  • good battery life > 10h: If I have a day off and I’m not gaming, I’m probably listening to music and vice versa. I probably won’t take them off if they’re comfortable enough. As a side note: I usually listen to music with moderate volume so if there’s some pair which lasts 8 hours with maximum volume, it’s probably enough for me.
  • option to connect to my pc via a wire/changable battery packs: On lan’s and “longer playsessions” that’s a must as I don’t want to stop playing because the headphone battery is empty. In every other case, the battery life should satisfy my needs.
  • Closed-back: I don’t want to annoy people outside.
  • maybe option to connect them to my pc and mobile phone simultaneously.
  • buyable in/shippable to Germany.

My budget is at around 400-500€, but I’m flexible. I hope that you can help me find the perfect headphones for my needs. ^^ I’ve searched through a couple of forums and reviews already but with no result yet.

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You’re gonna have a hard time with ‘good’ wireless.

Problem is bluetooth is realllll bad for audio. Still waiting on fancier tech to fix it, but for now, wired is really the only good option.

If you’re absolutely determined to go wireless…

Hifiman Deva
Hifiman Ananda Bluetooth
THX Panda

For actual headphones, those are the only options I know of. Afaik the Ananda BT is the only recommended one, but still not nearly as good as the wired version.

Would highly recommend getting a really good cable (see hart audio or literally most of the available custom interconnect brands). Easy headphones to deal with cables with (and which are highly portable while still being good at desk listening) are…

  • Focal Elegias (I own them and fucking adore them). Get them on adorama sale for $429. Literal highway robbery.

Anyone else who has portable headphones that fit the rest of his requirements, please feel free to add them here.

Otherwise a decent pair of iems (Moondrop Blessing 2, Etymotic anything, etc) are probably a good buy. They come with decent cables, and custom iem cables that don’t suck ass tend to be cheap.

mmmmm. Not happening with good wireless headphones unless you want to spend an obscene amount of money. Battery life is at the expense of space and good quality components and amplification. Choose any two.

via your phone, for games and music, close back, obtainable in germany, and portable? Focal Elegia. End of conversation.

Sorry to break this to you, but you’ll either have to extend the budget, give up the wireless requirement, or give up the quality of audio and/or battery life. It’s technological limitations and lack of demand. Believe me, I’d love if something like you described existed, but I don’t think it does. Easiest sacrifice imo is getting a couple of great cables and an Elegia on clearance sale.

Hope that helps.

So, this is a bit of a tough one but I think you could manage on the headphones that aren’t -technically- wireless. what I mean by this is by connecting a Bluetooth adapter to headphones with detachable cables. Such as seen here https://www.amazon.com/Mpow-Bluetooth-Transmitter-Headphones-Hands-free/dp/B01KXIKCSI/ref=as_li_ss_tl?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1508329188&sr=1-5&keywords=mpow+bluetooth&linkCode=sl1&tag=zeos-20&linkId=99e5b23c007acd4bad9b10fd5921f4f5

Using something like this in a headphone with a detachable 3.5mm cable will turn the headphone into a bluetooth headphone. Which if your using a pc with a bluetooth connection or your phone it will work just fine.

Though I will definitely agree with @Pr3ssAltF4 that wireless practically destroys audio

You mention you are a casual gamer and music listener but do you know what kind of sound you prefer? Styles of signature and the like? Might help us nail down a headphone that’s more ideal for you.

Yes. For high quality bluetooth you can get a small FiiO BTR5 and change your Razer Kraken 7.1 (and any headphones you have – or want to buy in the future) into bluetooth headphones. “Lock” it to LDAC, which is basically CD Quality audio, and everything should sound good, always.

Bluetooth was garbage a few years ago, but with LDAC now, it’s almost CD-Quality audio… and there’s even UAT now (I think… what, 192khz bluetooth audio?).

If you mostly listen to mp3s or streaming or youtube with the LDAC codec, it’s probably “bitperfect” audio sent to your headphones – so, no difference wired or wireless.

So, if it’s hard for you (or @VaLiD) to hear the difference between a 320kbps mp3 and a CD-Quality (1411kbps) file, consider LDAC is more or less 1000kbps…

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I don’t think theres an LDAC like that 3.5mm connector though yea? Those are all ones you have to plug the wire into then it transmits a blue tooth signal right? I normally don’t use bluetooth so rather clueless in that area. Not sure how you would go about a true wireless signal. Less you can use that transmitter to something like the LDAC or something along those lines

Huh, BTR5 is a portable DAC/amp. You get a small 3.5mm cable to connect to the headphones, and even “clip” the BTR5 to the headphones if you can (In theory, bluetooth headphones are a DAC, an amp, and headphones all in one – so yeah, guess why 40$ bluetooth headphones suck lol). Your smartphone or computer then sends the data, wirelessly, via LDAC or whatever.

The BTR5 can also be used as a standard, wired DAC/Amp, so you plug it via USB into your smartphone or computer, and plug your headphones 3.5mm in (even 2.5mm because it has balanced out too). In that mode, the little screen even shows the bitrate (44.1kbps etc) of the songs you listen to, instead of the bluetooth codec (LDAC, AptX, etc).

ah alright, wasn’t sure how the btr5 worked. I see now. Rather neat alternative.

Thank you guys! You’re helping me a lot! :slightly_smiling_face:

I think so, too. But I thought there was a possibility such headphones exist because it’s 2020…

So I’m probably just better off going with the alternative that @LeDechaine described with an portable dac/amp like the btr5, but with a low latency codec. So what would you recommend as such a dac/amp with low latency codec and a good quality pair of headphones for listening to music like pop and electro? Also I think the cable length should be adjustable (because there’s otherwise a lot of extra weight and struggle to stuff the extra cable away). The budget should be the same, between 400-500€.

What’s about aptx low latency? I’ve heard that it’s better than LDAC, although I have to admit that I’m really new to codecs. To a beginner: How would you rank the different codecs from best audio quality and lowest latency to worst and highest?

Oh, Fiio BTR5 also supports AptX-LL.

The technology offers an end-to-end latency of 32 ms over Bluetooth.

You’ll probably need this for your computer:

And if you buy a good (enough) bluetooth AptX-LL gaming headset, it will also come with a bluetooth or wifi “dongle” for your computer. Then? You are now wirelessly connected to your computer, and for your phone, bluetooth is built-in. Also, if you only listen to mp3s, it’s max 320kbps. This means AptX (max 352kbps) is more than enough.

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Like he said, these are great wireless headphones:

Otherwise, if you decide to get the Fiio BTR5 (and the little AptX-LL dongle), well, that’s way easier for you. Pretty much any headphones will work, and there’s already a ton of info here in the gaming section for good gaming headphones. Enjoy!

Thank you! Now i know what my setup is going to look like! :smile:

You’re right, I should look through some posts in this category to find some really good ones.

Thanks again for all the informative and helpful posts @Pr3ssAltF4 , @Falenkor and @LeDechaine !


Also, this was announced today.

The Audeze Mobius was “meh” with a lot of quiks and imperfect features. This is just a lossless, low-latency gaming headset. Out in september, though. But, promising.

A budget mobius? Curious how it will perform.

I’d say a Modius with no gimmicks. Which makes it better than Modius for like half the price IMO.

well footsteps equalization and what not was nice but the whole 3d thing with head tracking was niche as hell

No doubt these three models really can give you the best performance. But I am using Bose 700, it’s really super. You can read the review here https://bestwirelessbluetoothheadphones.com/audio/bose-nc-headphones-700/
I am sure 700 never disappoint your expectation.

uhh, what about the Coolermaster MH670?