Wireless headphones for PC for music, gaming and movies


I’m looking for a help as I’m deciding which wireless headphones to buy. Currently I’m using SHP9500 with V-moda mic. I’ve been using them for years and every year I spend weeks searching for an upgrade and end up sticking with the SHP9500 since there were always some issues with wireless headphones. I thought I found the one. Audeze Maxwell, on YouTube everyone speak about them as the best. They are over my initial budget, but I said to myself, for the best I could spend little more. However when I browsed Audeze Reddit, I found lot of issues like USB problems, 1-2 sec delays on start of videos or streams etc., especially on PC. Well, that something I wouldn’t wanna deal with, with a price of 300 Euros I really don’t want to troubleshoot for hours/days. Now I do know there is lot of happy people who experience no issues and they simply do not post on Reddit that „I have no issue“ posts…

I usually play MMOs, with a music and/or Discord with friends, and other games like Battlefield, watching TV shows, movies and listening to music at home and quite environment (no ANC required). As for music genders I can really listen to anything which depend on the day and mood it goes from movie soundtracks, hip hop, DnB, chill music, pop to rock. Really anything…Regarding sound signature tbh, I have no idea what I should be looking for…

I’m on PC with wireless mice from Logitech. Not sure if interference is common with wireless headphones.

I don’t have USB-C port on my PC only old USB.

I dont have DAC/AMP, that why Audeze seemed perfect to me.

Priority list:

2) Sound
3) Build/design
4) Mic

Is Audeze Maxwell right choise for me and should I ignore the „rare“ issues with the headphones? Or would you advice me to look for something else? I’m aware of mic being not the best, but to me from reviews it was good enough…

Thank you for reading and any opinion you can give :blush:

Best regards.

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Maxwell is widely considered one of the best values in audiophilia, for gaming and music.

Realize the only people who complain about QC on forums are those having problems. Nobody who is happy with the Maxwell – the VAST majority of buyers – is sitting at their keyboards and typing, “Man, I love these things, and their quality control is amazing!”

No, they’re listening to music or playing games on their Maxwell, instead.

Sure, an abundance of common forum posts lead to certain truths in headphone land. For example: HiFiMan’s QC is sub-par compared to other brands. The Focal Elex had driver problems when it was first released. And so on. But even those QC issues don’t affect nearly as many units or buyers as one would think from forums, solely due to the “squeaky wheel gets the most grease” forum phenomenon I explained above.

Good luck.

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welcome to HFG, Viktor!

as a general rule, you will see comments on issues a lot more because unhappy people like to complain more than give praise. HiFiMan get a lot of criticism on build quality problems and yet they are still one of the most popular and revered headphone brands in existence…so take everything with a few grains of salt. also, when possible, purchase from someone that has a great reputation for after sale support.

you can get USB A to USB C cables, just make sure it’s USB-IF certified otherwise you risk getting a bad or even dangerous cable that could damage what you connect to it. If your PC doesn’t have Bluetooth 5.0 support, then I would buy a Bluetooth 5.0 dongle. I don’t know where you live, but they’re about $25 or $30 USD and Asus makes the best one. I hope we see Bt 5.3 dongles soon as that’s the spec where the audio magic starts to happen.

what headphones / headsets have you been using as the number one complaint I’ve read about the Maxwell is it’s weight. if you’re used to light cans / sets, you may find them fatiguing or uncomfortable over long term use sessions.

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I question the necessity of owning wireless gaming / desktop use headphones…

I found myself plugging my Momentum 4s into the Schiit DAC / Amp more often than not.

Wireless is worth it when you are 50 % split on using them on the go.

If you are in it for the wireless then any of the flag ships will do… Best to go and take a listen at a store.

The arguments for wireless are Noise canceling and portability. If you want good microphones audio, you wana double check the reviews, since Momentum 4s microphone quality is crap. Otherwise they are very good wireless headphones.

If I were using a desktop, i’d get a dac amp (good ones cost ~ couple of hundred max, Schiit, iFi etc).

If you want a good mic, the stationary mics are way better sounding.

wireless is all about convenience…and preference. the fact companies are striving to create headphones that are audiophile grade shows it’s also a very popular thing now too.

Thank you all for comments.
I tend to go with wireless since It is more justifiable for me to spend that much because I can use them more then just for desktop PC also wireless is very convenient yeah…

I have the Maxwell, using for mostly music and video on PC, the key is to have a dedicated USB port to avoid any of the issues being reported.

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