Wireless headset/headphones with low latency

Hi, I wanted to ask about the best options out there in terms of headsets and/or headphones that perform amazingly for comp. FPS in terms of sound quality and at the same time low latency. I imagine that we will be looking for great mids-trebles for the sound quality (to be able to hear footsteps, etc) and 2.4GHz connectivity for the low latency. Ideas?

does it need to have a mic?

edit: theres not a ton of 2.4ghz headsets these days that are not gaming headsets as bluetooth has taken over

Answering your questions:

I don’t really care about having a mic.

As far as I am aware, the latency on BT devices is much higher than 2.4GHz devices.

My old Senny… rs170?.. had practically none. Used it for gaming for years

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rs series from sennheiser. vary in price from i think 100$ish for the cheapest one, to like 500$ for the top one.

edit: other then the senn rs line, i would suggest a gaming headset. they do fine for fps. the senn’s will be more musical if that matters.

Mine were 200-ish I believe and lasted me for like… ten years? But plastic is plastic and they came apart entirely :stuck_out_tongue:

Even duct tape couldn’t fix them anymore. Which is when, while looking for a replacement, I got down the audio rabbithole.


10 years aint bad though. im 2 years with my t60rp’s for instance, and the adjuster mechanism is getting loose already.

Oh I’m not complaining :stuck_out_tongue:
They felt like they would fall apart from the get-go. Cheap light plastic and heavy batteries… But for the first 8 or 9 years they didn’t care, no matter how much abuse they caught. Only came apart slowly over the last year-year and a half…

Also. If you want competitive gaming. I’m a pretty mediocre CSGO player and these got me to DMG/LE easily ;p

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According to RTings.com these are the ones with the lowest latency: Headphones Table Tool - RTINGS.com

I’m not sure if the sound quality of any of those is good enough, though.

Also, I saw a review from BadSeed Tech about the Audeze Penrose and it seems interesting although not sure about their latency.

I love how that list includes the HifiMan Sundara xD

Audeze Mobius Penrose editions use a dedicated wireless adapter to decrease latency and increase reliability over the original Audeze Mobius.
As the use case is gaming, I would’ve thought this would be the best option, whilst also having headphones that perform insanely well at the price point.
I love my original Mobius - however, when I use the in-built BT with Win7, it sucks. With win10 it’s good.
I’m thinking the dedicated adapter would provide better results across all platforms :slight_smile:

id say… probably the ones from sennheiser as mentioned earlier, Penrose from audeze is designed for this use case and definitely isn’t bad, and maybe panda but that one has a bit more on the latency side of things. Wireless limits you heavily for everything gaming so I would encourage going wired if possible.