Wireless Over-Ear under 200$ - Suggestions?

Hi, need help in finding new pair of headphones. Currently using Takstar PRO 82.
My buget is $200 but if i could find something good cheaper it would be nice.

Would like to change my current headphones for something better and wireless.
Listening to almost everything but mainly to all kinds of rock music.
Headphones will be used also for gaming.

Playing from PC / LG G7 ThinQ

I want them to be wireless because it is just more comfortable but i also want them to have an option to play from cable.

They must be comfortable… pro 82 level of comfort would be nice. I will be spending a lot of hours with them on my head.

I don’t care about ANC, its okay if they have it, its okay if they don’t.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

So would you say you have a preference if it’s open back or closed?

Also do you use your headphones for gaming, ooooor music, or all of the above haha.

80% Music, 20% Gaming i would say :smiley:

Would be better if thet were closed.

Ok so…I actually own a set of these headphones they’re the sennheiser pxc 550. They’re noise canceling, closed back, bluetooth but can be wired, and are currently on sale for 230 bucks on amazon!

I really like these headphones and use em when I travel. Battery life is pretty good too.

Hope this helps!

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Yea, i was considering them althought i am courius if in this price there is nothing better.
Was thinking about HD 4.50BT for example, they are much cheaper. Is there a big difference between this two models? I was also thinking about Momentum 2.0 or ATH M50xBT. Anything to say about those?

How does Sony look like? 1000xm2, H900N for example, are they any good?

B&O H4? Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2? Pioneer SE-MS7BT-S?

Hmmm I cannot say anything about the others except the 1000xm2 are a good headphone very very comparable to the sennheiser headphones one of which being they have drivers both made by sennheiser Haha. In my opinion the Sony do have a better look to them.

The 1000xm2 however (on Amazon at least) are selling for 350 which is what the pxc 550 originally cost.

Now I am not sure if you know this or not but this site actually has a headphone comparison page where you enter your budget, headphone style preference, and so on that might be able to give you a better list of options!

Also if z has done a video on them you can see his review of them!

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B and o h4 are really good and plenty comfy

Yea, but the problem is Z doesnt really do a bluetooth headphones, only few of them.

The site comparison doesnt really take bt headphones as well.

Thanks for your answer anyway, will keep searching.


The only difference between LIVE500BT and LIVE650BTNC is ANC?

I’d just recommend a Bluetooth adapter like the fiio btr3

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Yes, fiio BTR3 or the Earstudio ES100 (with all the features you want and more). 100$.

Most, if not all bluetooth headphones are not good anyway.

That’s quite a statement I will say that while they don’t sound good when wired or as good as a wired headphone for the same price many that I have used or tried sounded pretty damn decent not the best if you want detail but will do the job great for commuting. Personally I hate dealing with cables when travelling so wireless is the way to go for me.

You probably can’t even find a DAC as good as the one in his LG G7 in 200$ wireless headphones.