Wireless powered subwoofer

I have a pair of Swans M5A’s. What is the best wireless powered sub to integrate with them for 900 USD or less?

Any sub you like and then add send&receive unit’s to make that sub wireless is option as well.
Example: SVS SoundPath Wireless Audio Adapter

Decent units usually are prices around 100-150.

Things to consider.
If you have plenty of mobile, wifi etc (2.4GHz) household devices between or near the source and sub location. There might be interference’s / issues with the connection.
Only way to know is to test.

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resurrecting the thread

I’m in a similar situation, I have the Swans D300 and I want to add a subwoofer because I never had one and I want to try it out. I’m actually tempted to do a blind purchase of one of Swans very own subwoofers because I think at this point they can’t disappoint.

But if there’s a subwoofer aficionado, by all means pitch in. The idea is to use my SMSL M300 MkII, XLR out to the Swans speakers, RCA out to the sub if that’d work

If you want wireless and have a similar budget to the original post then I recommend a pair of RSL Speedwoofer 10S MKII. The newer MKII is coming out next month. Should be really nice. If you don’t need wireless or have a different budget then it opens up the options a lot.


I’ve got an OG 10S on my PC 2.1 setup, and it performs phenominally. If the MkII is anything like the original, it’ll be a heck of a sub!

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Had some pretty bad experience ordering anything from the US to the EU (the Chinese have been much more careful in my case) but I’ll check it out, thanks!