Wireless suggestions around £100-£300?

I know you’re probably tired of seeing people asking for wireless etc as it ruins the sound but I’d just like to know people’s opinions on their preferred options for wireless gaming with good imaging and not deafening gunshot sounds. Something that allows the games to sound really good with the possibility of listening to music on the side and if a sacrifice is needed to go with one or the other then I’d prefer it to be mainly focused on gaming as I already have a wired pair. Please post suggestions or recommendations down below as I’m stuck in regards to which direction I should go. Currently I own the AKG K712 Pro’s and have a broken pair of Sennheiser pc37x which I preferred both over the Beyerdynamic DT 880’s for gaming as they seemed to hurt my ears

Maybe the deva? I don’t know how’s the latency though.

I use and love the audio-technica ws1100is for gaming and there’s actually a bluetooth version of those called ws990 I think, but I haven’t actually tried it and there’s basically no reviews of them so I can’t say how close it is to the wired one…

Beside that you’d probably have to look into actual gaming headsets.

Pretty much this… look into penrose from audeze maybe do some eq tweaks to balance it out if needed

Grado GW100 v2, they use Bt 5.0, not 4.2 like the og.

Latency will rule out most normal headphones - Audeze Penrose will be the best bet audio wise (although comfort and range are poor (in my usage at least).

I’ve picked up the new Steelseries Nova Wireless since and while not at the same level audio-wise as the Penrose (but not as far off as I had expected), as an all rounder, I think they are excellent.

Havent got to that one yet. Heard its not too bad though… however, steel series vs audeze in terms of sound quality id say audeze is probably going to win each time…

The thing with steelseries is that I have had a bad experience. I had their arctis pro wireless before and I thought the sound quality on that for gaming was absolutely terrible as I couldn’t even pinpoint where footsteps were coming from and had to refund the headset within a few days

and i’ve seen that they have a driver or something sticking out of the earcup that can touch your ear and cause a lot of annoyance too especially during longer sessions of gaming

have you used the penrose and if you have how were the comfort and the heat for longer sessions?

I appreciate the suggestion but I don’t think I could use on-ear headphones for gaming as I’m not a big fan of them

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you can change the pads so they become more over ear quite easily.

but I getcha.

Depends on your environment and how hot you get but the comfort is a bit tight and needs broke in at first… they are rather heavy so if you want lightweight penrose may not be the best choice, and heat build up… id say in a room thats at around 70 degrees or more body temp it Takes maybe 3-4 hours for my ears to heat up longer if the rooms a bit cold. Dunno if they are still available but the gel cooling pads of the mobius do snap on the penrose

Seems like a lot of people have had complaints about the heat while wearing this headset from what I can see online so I’ll have to think of another option. I really need to find one that’s going to be comfortable for hours of usage on a regular basis that doesn’t heat up too quickly. What are your thoughts on the Logitech g pro x wireless or Astro a50 if you’ve dabbled with any of those? Don’t really care for a microphone on the headphones I just need something that’s comfortable to wear, sounds good and has good imaging for footsteps in mainly FPS games. Apologies for all of the nagging I’ve been doing on this forum lol

Both are meh, on the fragile side. They will get the job done but nothing particularly special. That logitech is the current go to “tournament” advertised headset. Those astros cups are huge though and its a bit floaty… preference pick on those two. The a50 is more semi open though so it has a larger presentational stage to it but in most of the cases id just take a logitech over that. Honestly, havent tried it but iirc cooler master has that mh670 which is supposed to be a wireless mh751… havent tested it myself but 751 is damn good

Also, ANY headphone can be hot. While penrose does heat up its pretty average when it comes to a heft closed back headphone like that. If you need breathabilty you want a headphone with pads such as velour or perforated leather, light weight, easy on the clamp, and either semi open or open back so air can move. In terms of headsets theres only the astro to my knowledge that nails all these in headsets and its pretty meh is rate that a 3 / 10 on my scales honestly

Assuming the penrose aren’t uncomfortable for long periods of gaming then?

To me, personally speaking, not really. I switched to the mobius gel pads on them granted i only use the penrose on special circumstances… its quite hefty and i dont like all that weight. Penrose, mh670, logitech, and a50 are worth trying but sound quality i will give to penrose, stage to a50, and money worth to the cooler master’s

Penrose definitely win on sound to me also - perhaps they weren’t quite as good for spatial awareness/accuracy in my usage but as a gaming headset I was also happy using for music via bluetooth, they were a winner.

What I didn’t enjoy was the comfort - no issues with the ear pads or clamp but with the extra weight the headband was never comfortable despite what additional pads etc I added.

The Steelseries are far from perfect and I don;t enjoy them anything like as much for music listening but the comfort is miles ahead in my usage and that was important to me for work use and long gaming sessions.

Would jump back to Audeze in a flash though if a redesigned Penrose 2 appeared :wink: