Wireless (TWS, Headphone, etc...) under 100 dollars

I have a Mee Audio Matrix 3 and they’re good (i think they’re like a m40x) but in 6-8 months they just fell in a part by only using them so i want something under 100 dollars (my budget are 110 but the shipping cost generaly only let me afort some 80 dollars headset) i don’t care if they’re in-ear or over-ear, headset or earbuds (i would prefer something that’s comfortable with glasses) and they need to be wireless

I’ll use them for hearing music and playing casual, nothing profesional but i really want them to hear good when hearing music

btw: for a strange reason they need to be closed

Are you saying that they need to be Wireless? If not, do you care if they are open vs closed? In other words, will you need to block out sound around you?

Hmm, this is extremely limiting towards most recommendations alongside wireless which is going to kill a lot of the sound quality. Does it need to have a mic since you are mentioning this for both gaming and music?

I believe drop recently advertised the Sennheiser BT350 right at $100 on special. That was a good deal and they work pretty well, at least mine do…

Oops, no idea if those work for gaming, I use them on my tablet and phone…

i forgot to say they need to be closed (we all know why) And yes they need to be wireless

Mic isn’t important the important thing is they’re complatible with mic (with the Mee Audio Matrix 3 i just can’t use a mic because they silence every app if i turn the mic on)

Sadly drop doesn’t ship to my country

btw: they just need to sound well, other ¨gaming¨ functions are if they came with them if they don’t i don’t care

Keep checking sites like adorma, they might ship to other countries and are having sales often. Otherwise not knowing what you have access to not sure how to help. Good luck!

Amazon US does ship to my country but i’ll view the site t hat you recomended me, thanks!