Wiring Bose PS28 iii subwoofer with speaker wire

Hello, first time posting here and real novice on these subjects. I was recently given a Bose PS28iii subwoofer and would like to get it working along with my Dayton B652 bookshelf speakers. I’m using a little Lepai LP-2020A+ amplifier. I’m hoping to use speaker wire to RCA adapters to connect the Daytons to the RCA type ports on the Bose (though I’m not completely confident this will work as the ports on the Bose are light green, light blue, purple, and white, not the usual white and red). The input on the Bose seems to be 9 pin mini-DIN port.

I have two questions. First, will the speaker wire to RCA adapters work with these multi-colored RCA-like ports on the Bose? Second, is it possible to convert speaker wire to the 9 pin mini-DIN so that I can run the amp through the Bose? (Or, is it possible for the Bose, which is a powered speaker, to also power the Daytons? If this were true, I’d need a way to convert phono and maybe a bluetooth receiver to the 9 pin mini-DIN.)

Any help is welcome!

The big issue is. The Bose system is designed to work with the Bose Media center.
Manual and information.

First questions, answer = No.
The RCA-port on the SUB are OUTPUTS for the BOSS speakers. Not Inputs.

Second questions, answer = Maybe…?
There is a small change. Make it work… but it’s all test and try and DIY. High change of breaking something. You would have to figure out what ports/port, in the 9-pin cable the sub/bass signal goes. Probably would also need EQ that it will not play any other FR-range.
And not sure is it even a good idea to use speaker cables from amps as signal.

So i would say. It’s a waist of time.

Hi there, thanks so much for your reply.
I understand that the RCA ports on the sub are outputs for speakers, not inputs. Are you saying that those multi-colored RCA ports will only power Bose specific speakers? Wondering it I can connect my Daytons to those ports instead of Bose.

Regarding the second question, do you know if I can just omit the Lepai amp from the whole equation and use the built-in sub amp to power the speakers? In this case, maybe I could convert the phono inputs with something like this:

Thanks again!!

You probably can power other speakers… buuuut i fear it would be similar as “you can pull a eighteen wheeler with a fiat”… It might move buuuut. Not very good but you “can”.

The factory speakers are super small like cola cans.
So the “power” most likely ain’t much if any… and no knowledge of impedance in original speakers? You might burn “sub+amp” or damage Dayton speakers turning volume.

If sound would come out. Success maybe?
But for how long and on what possible cost IF something goes boom/flames big time.
Still voting for recycling. :slightly_smiling_face:

Got it. You’ve convinced me! Thanks again.