With the plethora of IEM's released since Jan 2020, what are the real stars?

by stars I mean best features / functions for the price. hopefully there will be some comments for budget / lo-fi, mid-fi, hi-fi and endgame. when you make a comment, please justify your post, highlight the pros / cons of said model(s(.

budget / lo-fi - under $100
mid-fi - up to $250
hi-fi - up to $1000
endgame - up up and away!!!

Budget: Thieaudio Legacy 2

Mid fi: Etymotic ER2XR

Hi Fi: Thieaudio Monarch

Endgame: Rhapsodio Infinity M2K

Haven’t heard any of them, just what I’ve observed and been told.

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I really enjoyed the Dunu Zen. Higher end single dynamic drivers are having a moment and I say that’s a good thing. The combination of technical ability and cohesive natural sound on the Zen was very enjoyable. Plus the build and accessories are top notch in my opinion. MSRP of $699 puts them in your hi fi category, although they can be found secondhand closer to $500 from what I’ve seen.