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  • Speaker amp in and out
  • Needs a speaker amp

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This is the best name for a product… EVER!

does anyone know if it would be possible to wire up a 4 pin XLR to banana plugs for one of these and take power from a headphone amp?

@M0N can you give any input on my above question and if this thing would suck or not? it looks like Woo gives the option to have different plugs on it upon ordering and i’m wondering if this thing would be a cheap way to get decent performance for trying some estats.

I don’t know, never tried. I’d assume it would have to be a pretty powerful amp to actually give it the power and gain it needs since it is a transformer box. So no real idea since I’ve never done something like that (you still have the parasound right? That would work well with something like this)

yeah i have the parasound still. was just wondering if it could be a convenient option to just stab an xlr4 plug into my soloist just for quick swaps. the parasound doesn’t have a permanent home at my desk because of size and if i could just toss this thing on top of my soloist and use it that way it would be semi convenient for a/b testing. it says it suggests 3w and i’ve seen people have tested the soloist at around 15w at 32ohm (which is just ridiculously higher than advertised) and was just curious if that would be enough power or if i’d be missing out on some control or lose quality due to the transformer stages being more geared towards power amps.

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Could work, not really sure, guess the only way is to try lol. Looks like it would work in theory, don’t see that much risk in trying. The parasound would likely easily outperform the soloist in this case, but again that’s just a guess

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uh oh…i guess it’s rabbit hole time.

I did this exact thing with a THX 887/Jot 2 + Woo Wee and it worked fine. Sounded better with the Jot. I used an Emotiva BasX A100 before and while it did fine, I could hear some electrical noise and it generally sounded sort of hazy/unresolving. Feeding it the THX/Jot though, I still haven’t heard detail quite like it out of a stax or any headphone for that matter.

I still have the custom cable I had made just for this setup laying around. https://i.imgur.com/o2xMuej.jpeg


i wish i was better at soldering…i have all the things i need to make one but i don’t trust my soldering skills. could i convince you to make me one?

just noticed i misread. who made it?

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Yeah I feel you. I contemplated making one too but just knew it wasn’t gonna come out like I wanted lol. I had a someone on reddit ( /u/tradeskinsslow) make it for around $50. Seeing as I sold my stax rig though I’d be happy let go of it for $30 If you’d like.