Wooden IEM Recommendations under 300$?

Hey as title suggests what are some good IEMs with at least partial wooden enclosures under 300$? The cheaper the better, but I know,of only one good one and that is by JVC if memory serves around the 300$ mark. Outside of that I don’t know if there are any good ones. They can have different tuneings, but for reference I have and like blon 03, Ikko OH10, Shuoer Tapes, and Tin P1s.

Darn, the ibasso it04 has a wood version but it would be over budget

Ooof how far over budget cus it looks pretty good!

I’m going to guess 600? I don’t know tbh

:frowning: 600 is kinda sad but I understand that what they are doing is not cheep so fun times lol. Mon do you have any experience in the fw02 or lower? I was gonna look at Zeos’s review of the 1s more,more but just ching if there is a big difference in sound.

Unfortunately I do not, they look pretty sweet too

Drop just had these JVCs like 2 days ago, but they must have sold through. I just bought the metal version:

I was just randomly browsing the Sivga website and saw these.
No idea how they sound though.

Those look good except for no removable cable. Always intrested in bery coated drivers as well. :slight_smile:

Edit: mods… :thinking:

These have removable cables (again, no idea about sound).


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you sir, the great temptation!!! Those look good!

Lol just trying to help.

It is only available in wood imitation, but many like the tonal tuning: