Work out /high energy music?

what music do ya’ll listen to when you guys need that audio pick me up? whether that be working out, driving, yard work, your normal job kinda work.
these are some of mine
work music just keep me happy while doing monotonous work
these are all just tracks that keep me smiling and shit.

here is what I listen to when I need to stay awake while driving or working out and need the agression to push me
Angry rythmic full of modern young adult angst

fast agressive Love rapping along to this

agressive bassy fun to sing along to

How bout some Nookie? limp biskit gets me going everytime, not kidding. sing it along while i run, mouth along in the gym. it’s the best

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Ah Denzel Curry and Brockhampton are great. Just started listening to Rina and Kamasi Washington, I really need to check out their discographies.

When I’m working out I tend to listen to some pretty heavy rock music or hard-hitting hip-hop music.

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big fan of rappers like ski mask for this purpose born to rebel is one of my favs in my plalist

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Mostly listen to a long playlist of EDM/Trap on random while doing cardio.

While lifting is mostly Rap/Hip Hop.

Damn, the drop in the Sofie Letitre song was legit, that’s a great track.