Worthy/Feature Rich DAC upgrades

Update: As I mentioned below, the RME ADI-2 DAC does everything I want and then some.

I’m still trying to figure out a good DAC upgrade. The D70 was tempting. But I think I will keep holding out for something more compelling.

Currently I use the Topping D50 as my primary desktop DAC. I eventually will want to upgrade to something that:

  1. Measures and Sounds at least as good as the D50.
  2. Has Optical and USB inputs
  3. Has Balanced outputs.
  4. Would preferably have some additional nonstandard features like tone control. For example, the Chord Qutest DAC has a “Warm” filter setting.
    I really wish there was a DAC that could have a large number Equalizer presets programmed in, and be switchable from the DAC’s built in interface. Does such a thing exist?

Suggestions would be appreciated.

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What might be worthwhile is the Schiit Loki, it isnt a DAC but an equaliser. If oyu put this in your system with a DAC it’ll be as good as using an integrated DAC/EQ.


I actually have the Loki already and I’m a big fan. It’s great for making a good headphone sound even better. But since it has only 4 adjustments, there are some headphones won’t benefit much.

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Well I’m nI expert I’m afraid but maybe look into getting an integrated amp. I have a vintage NAD one which I use for stereo speakers and headphone output because it’s great. Most integrated amps have an eq built in like mine

So I discovered the RME ADI-2 today, and this will probably be my end game DAC. This thing has parametric EQ built in with a crap ton of presets available in addition to having top tier DAC and amp performance. I’m not sure how I overlooked it until now. If it had balanced outputs, I could have got this over the 789. The one downside is that $1100 price. I really wish they made a DAC only version because having this + atom +789 is very unnecessary.

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The rme adi-2 has like a 12 band equalizer. If you care enough to mess around with it, you can get any tone preset you want. Its also one of the best dac/amps you can buy period.

At this price, get the Topping D70 + Massdrop 789 or Geshelli Enog2 Pro + Massdrop 789 and you save some money.
You don’t want Massdrop 789, use Xduoo TA-20 or Project Ember 2.
This DAC/AMP has some features that you probably wont use verry often.

I should be getting the 789 next month. I’m choosing this DAC over all the rest primarily because of it’s Parametric EQ. There’s almost nothing else on the market that can compete on both features and performance.