Worthy upgrade?

I see a lot of y’all recommending the dt880 and I was wondering if that is a worthy upgrade from the ad700x

I personally think so, but it would depend if you are willing to grab a headphone amp to go with it. What do you like about the 700x, and what would you change?

I like that I can locate my enemies. And I wouldn’t mind getting an amp

Gotcha, well if you are looking for mainly a competitive advantage, the 990/880 600 ohm would be pretty sweet, would be in upgrade in positional accuracy and be easier to pick up on sound queues. What games do you play?

Rainbow six siege, apex legends and some modern warfare so basically FPS games

Gotcha, in that case if you are going for the most competitive advantage, something like a dt990 600 ohm and an amp like the liquid spark is pretty solid. For more mixed usage, the 880 600 ohm is my preference imo. It should be a pretty sizable upgrade. For the time being you can run the amp off the motherboard audio, or if you are willing to get a dac now, then you can grab something like an earmen donald dac

I will probably run it off the motherboard for a while

Gotcha, then you would just need a 3.5mm to rca cable to connect to the motherboard line out, and then the liquid spark along with the 990 600 ohm and you should be good to go imo

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Alright then thanks

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I will agree with mon here… ad700x is really good for gaming… I wouldnt say its a really big upgrade going this other route… but an upgrade nonetheless… ad700x, k702/k712/k7xx, 880/990, 58x jubilee are generally your go to’s when it comes to gaming and all have pros and cons. Ad700x is like the 58x jubilee but it has more soundstage and coloration of the sound however the bass lacks. 58x jubilee is your standard all around balanced sound headphone really not many drawbacks other than it’s not particularly fantastic in any particular area its your jack of all trades headphone. 880 is like the 58x but caters a bit more in the competitive as it has the V signature which amplifies your sounds you get inside of an fps while it still is a jack of all trades headphone… very good for mixed usage like mon mentioned, and 990 is the strongest V shape signature and drastically magnifies the sounds you get in an fps but the trade off is that it doesn’t sound the greatest in casual games and in certain musical genres. In this particular case while its fantastic in competitive you may find it only good in competitive in some cases lol. However, if you can always go the highest ohm for the DT series as it helps the sound quite a bit… use a liquid spark amp if you can as well if your going to use dt 990s as it deals with that insanely sharp treble sibilant sound you from the S sounds. In the DT’s case you would be looking at the “edition” or I think the 880s is actually labeled “premium” iirc. Those are the versions with 600 ohm.