Would a 4 channel amp work for a 2.2 configuration?

I stumbled upon the Cloud CXA450 amp which has 4x 50w channels.

being the 2 channels for the .2 are powered, that would necessitate the use of passive subs, which I know exist but otherwise am entirely ignorant about.

the price is good, which is why I wonder…however, if you think a 2.2 setup using powered subs is possible for a similar price, my ears are open. I just suspect you could do that with a $700 budget but not so much with a $300 budget as that’s a heavy discount on an amp that Google shows me to be well thought of.

if its a good price, doesnt matter about he 2 extra channels. you dont have to use them. they can also be used to bi-amp 1 speaker.

50 watts for a sub isnt a whole lot. enough for small rooms or nearfield. and there are not that many passive subs going.

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