Would you spend £12000 on headphone Dac?

Think I might have found :heart: when it comes to Dac/amp headphone combos a dCS Bartók …just need to sell a kidney first :grin:

I would never spend more than $200 for a DAC, let alone $12,000 :rofl::rofl::rofl:


most I’d spend is the $500 for something THX.

If you’re rich enough that $12000 is the same as $120.

wouldn’t spend more than a $100 on a dac khadas tone board is so clean anything more expensive is either worse or straight up diminishing returns.

Well, I think that’s a little too low. Sure the sq might be there, but what about other features like dsp, eq, or room correction, or something like volume control (built into sabre dacs)? Or balanced for long runs?

Edit: I’ve also definitely been able to notice the difference between ladder dacs and sigma Delta dacs, although I don’t have a preference

true I dont really care much for DSP or room correction though but I would probably pay extra for a decent balanced dac if I get a balanced amp in the future



I’m waiting for the dCS Osbourne. :stuck_out_tongue: