X-LS Encore from GR Research

Here’s a few build log shots of my X-LS Encore build.

Fresh out of the box.

Moded the front panel with magnets on the inside incase I want to build a grill later.

Gluing it all up.

Round edges help reduce diffraction.

Installed the dampening.

Sealant to protect the MDF from moisture.

Paint job. I went with a satin white finish

Built up the crossovers. I think they cross at around 1800Hz. This is the fully upgraded crossover that GR Research offers that adds around $280 to the cost.

Finally assembly

Finished result. I will probably lightly sand and repaint them a sometime later to better hid the seams and also fix the smudge I made around the tweeter by touching it before fully dried.

The tweeter is a 1" soft dome by Peerless, and the woofer is a 6.5" designed in house by GR Research. I’m currently powering them off an SMSL VMV A1. They do sound better than any other speakers I’ve owned. However I don’t have much of a reference point in this league to compare too so I’ll leave a couple a couple reviews I found: