X2HR vs K7XX impressions?

I’m curious about this comparison. I have the X2HR and really like them for gaming because of the sound stage… To my ear the X2HR have a bit of bloat to the bass, and there is a little edge somewhere in the treble, which make them not as enjoyable for music (imo).

I haven’t heard the K7XX. I’m just curious how they compare. Anyone own / heard both?

I cant wait for someone to answer >.<

I know the X2HR are 160$ on amazon and strangely 140$ at Walmart. I know Zeos liked and praised them but people here didnt seem to like them. The K7XX are selling for 200$ on Drop. I know Zeos liked them but even though it seems based on the popular K712 I haven’t heard much talk about them.

For 200$ you could get a Sennhieser 58x which i have and can confirm sounds great. also should be good on tubes. Theres also the Meze 99 Noir. which i liked more than the 58x. God i love the meze 99’s. A lot of other people do too. but if you can stretch your dollar to the 350$ Sundara you’d have a fantastic reference headphone. This headphone was the first that made me cry.

I like my K7XX, but they aren’t generally well liked.
More often the none drop AKG’s are considered superior.
Outside of tonal differences, the drop versions tend to have an annoying squeak caused by the plastic ball and socket join on the cups, I used some silicone lubricant on mine, and it went away.
I like them primarily because I find them very comfortable and the weigh nothing, and don’t sound terrible.

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This post was from awhile ago, but I have since picked up a set of K7XX used for a great price($55). I replaced the cable and put a set of Brainwavz microsuede pads on them. I’ve also got a set of Dekoni Nuggets coming to get the fit sorted for me. The bottom line is that once the comfort and fit issues are sorted I love these headphones.

Very well balanced and wide with an adequate amount of detail. The timbre sounds spot on to me. With the X2HR I felt the bass was a bit much and that the timbre always felt a little off to me, which is why I liked them for gaming, but no so much for music. I will say that there is no question that the X2HR has a superior build and fit out of the box. However, I find the K7XX more comfortable now that I have made all the adjustments.

I’ve mainly been listening to these with the Radsone ES100 with low frequencies EQed up just a couple of decibles. They sound fantastic, and this is going to be my portable around-the-house solution. Although I haven’t been gaming much lately, I’m guessing they will fill that roll as well.

I still want to do some more testing/comparisons, but I think these are going to be the ones I keep over the X2HR, DT880, DT990. Leaves me know wondering why they aren’t reccomended more. Perhaps I’m just finding my own sound.

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I’m glad to hear you gave them a shot and like them. They are definitely the only one in the group you tried that doesn’t really have any fatiguing characteristics. I swear the more I read other people’s opinions on the x2 the more I think I have a unicorn pair. Mine definitely has a bite in the lower treble but mine are definitely not bass heavy. They are actually one of my more detail oriented pair of headphones.

Hey just a suggestion. Try the Yaxi pads for the k712/q701 on them. Awesome comfort https://www.amazon.com/YAXI-K712-Q701-Comfort-Earpads/dp/B07SZ441B6