Xbox and pc out of the same headphone at the same time!

Hey, a friend of mine asked me to help him with headphones and mic for his setup. So he’s asking for the ability to play music from his pc while playing on Xbox, and he wants it wireless just to make it a pain.

My first thought was a miniDSP to mix the digital signal from both devices into a BTA30 sending to a pair of DROP pandas. Or any other good Bluetooth headphone.
Anyone know if the miniDSP let you mix like that, or does it only let you do crossovers?

And then there’s microphone, that needs to be split aswell. I can se alot of issues with hum. Unless you do a interface usb’d to the pc and then line-out to the Xbox, and how do I get line-in to a Xbox? And I don’t think a desk mic is realy what he wants. So I’m a little stumped.

Have anyone done this? Can or will it work? Know of anything that would work better or do the same for cheaper? I’m open to all the help I can get on this one!

Thanks for all your help :wink: