Xbox Series X/S "ideal" Audio Setup

Series X --> LG CX -->sound bar via ARC(+surround/sub) / Optical for E30/L30 (living room)
Series S–>Samsung–>Powered optical splitter—>sound bar / E30/L30 (office)

By now we all know there is zero USB support for non-partnered devices…
AVR’s are also plagued with incompatible Panasonic chips that don’t support Xbox signal correctly…

If TV is set to pass through, some inputs/apps are fine others don’t auto swap to PCM and E30 flips out

Setting TV to PCM naturally fixes this issue but does that mean I need to change TV audio to optical and that input to PCM every time I want to use a headphone? Do I leave it PCM even with a soundbar?

Xbox is set to Stereo Uncompressed for this, IIRC uncompressed 5.1 didn’t work even though both TV and console support eARC maybe it’s the older soundbar that is only ARC.

Last question is TV optical output quality… is TV processing HDMI uncompressed audio further for optical? I understand it would if xbox was set to bitstream since optical is limited to stereo un-compressed?

Thanks a ton for any opinions/ feedback! I can share pics if anybody cares